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The Abidan are an organization that governs the Iterations, ensuring order. Their job is to ensure the Iterations do not deviate too greatly from their natural progression. They protect from outside interference and quarantine worlds when it is time for collapse. The Abidan is an organization with seven divisions; each division is governed by a Judge. The Judges are also referred to as the Court Of Seven or simply the Abidan. The Abidan are very powerful and their artifacts are coveted across all of the Way. Their strength is due to the Eledari Pact which allows them great control when manipulating the Way. The common troops of the Abidan can be compared in strength to the Monarchs of Cradle.


The job of the Abidan is to care for and protect Iterations. To better do this an agreement was made between the Original Seven. This pact, The Eledari Pact, both increased and restricted their powers, creating for them bounds within which to work freely. Once Ozriel joined the Abidan ranks, there was a period of explosive growth. Where the organization once managed 250 Iterations, they now cared for ten thousand.


  • Adriel, The Creator went missing before the Eledari Pact and is a myth among the current Judges so he is not counted among the court of seven
  • Ozriel, The Reaper was the latest addition to the Judges. He is currently missing and assumed dead.
  • Though the Judges are great in strength there still exist those with the ability to threaten them as individuals.


The Judges are very powerful and have the ability to manipulate their physical form so as to better allow them to accomplish their tasks. All Judges have similar Mantles and armor. Each office comes with a tool befitting the title and also a Presence.

Possible Threats


Our information on Vroshir worlds is limited, so the capabilities of the Vroshir themselves are largely unknown. Only a handful are projected to possess combat power that rivals a Judge.The first generation served the Abidan. They did the work that is done by the Reaper now, destroying corrupted worlds. There are at least 10 generations of Vroshir.

The Silverlords gather armies from the worlds they conquer.

The Horseman rides from world to world, gathering energy systems and replicating their effects. He has demonstrated capabilities from at least thirteen dead worlds.

The Mad King hosts an entity that has killed Judges before, but the Court would have been notified if he had left his Iteration. If he has found a way to cross the Way without alerting Sector Control, then he represents a Class One threat.

The Angler has stolen six weapons from Abidan Iterations, and she remains at large. Her confirmed arsenal certainly possesses other weapons beyond the knowledge of the Court.

Fiends of Chaos

True Fiends defy classification by nature, and the only individuals known capable of threatening Judges remain imprisoned in Asylum (Elders). Also, no Fiend has ever demonstrated the ability to pass into existence without disturbing the Way, and the Spider Division has reported no such violation near Harrow or Limit prior to Limit’s expiration.

If a Fiend capable of doing battle with Ozriel has passed through the Way undetected, current quarantine levels are insufficient.

Mad King / Fiend

"King Daruman the First was not only the ruler who united his Iteration, but who ushered it into an unprecedented golden age. As a warrior, he was unparalleled, bringing his sword against the planet-eaters that plagued his people. As a king, he was known both for his wisdom and his character.” After long years of peace and prosperity, The Abidan selected him to become one of five Executors, chosen for his skills and wisdom to improve worlds / iterations on the point of collapse. As an Executor, “King Daruman was an agent of the Abidan, but un-bound to the Eledari Pact, so he was not prevented from interfering in Fate. He and his four peers were sent to dying worlds, to defeat the threat from the inside and prolong the existence of the Iterations as long as possible.” (Bloodline, ch 5). The other four Executors failed at their missions. Daruman himself went mad when he decided to protect an iteration from the ravages of Oth’kimeth the Conqueror, a class one fiend, by swallowing the demon whole. Living inside him, the fiend overtook Kind Daruman, and he went mad. The Abidan imprisoned him. After several hundred years, he escaped. He now hates the Abidan, especially Ozriel.

By the end of book 9, Bloodline, he has his sights on Cradle. Suriel warned Wei Shi Lindon Arelius: “I’m sorry, Suriel sent. Hold on. She spared an instant of grief for the world. The Mad King, who had once been the hero Daruman, knew the significance of Cradle. He knew it was the birthplace of the original Abidan, and—perhaps more importantly to him—Ozriel’s home. Now, it was at his mercy” (Bloodline, ch.20)

Other Abidan Judges

Though holding grudges is uncommon, it is not unheard of.