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Akura Charity, Sage of the Silver Heart, is a Sage on the Path of Seven Pages. She is a main figure in the Akura clan, and is entrusted with many of its tasks.

Akura Realm

Akura Charity, the Sage of the Silver Heart is one of the three major powers in the Akura monarchy, along with her grandmother, Akura Malice, the Monarch, and her father, Akura Fury, a Herald. The Akura monarchy reign over western Ashwind continent, and all the vassal states. Charity gets involved with the Akura vassals, including the Blackflame Empire, the Seishen Kingdom, Sky’s Edge, the Frozen Blade School, etc etc etc. One of her responsibilities is to select competitors for the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament from vassal states.

Akura Emblem

Akura Emblem depicting Charity, Malice, & Fury

Charity is one of the three stars on the Akura flag.

The Akura family emblem glowed at the center of the black square. One large star and two small stars, all over three mountains. The stars and the mountains glowed purple. The star on the left represented Charity. Fury was the star on the right, and Malice the largest star in the center. The one that rose over them all. (Uncrowned ch 6)


Charity’s age is not stated, exactly, but she is the granddaughter of Akura Malice, who was born roughly just over 500 years ago. Her father, Fury, is about 450 years old. So, Charity could be 400 years old, possibly.


Book Appearances


She is introduced in Ghostwater, where she is watching Akura Harmony as he goes through Ghostwater. She has a talk with Yerin and directs her and Mercy to the other side of the island to find Lindon, although she does not allow Mercy inside her castle due to Malice's restrictions (see biography).


Charity is in charge of organizing the vassal states' team for the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament. She watches and interferes in the main characters' struggles, pitting them against three Seishen Kingdom warriors. She harbors some grudge against Lindon for the death of Harmony, even though she somewhat understands the circumstances, but she must uphold the power of the name Akura. After nearly getting Lindon, Yerin, and even Mercy killed, Charity eventually chooses Wei Shi Lindon for her pick of the head team, which includes Akura Mercy and her brother Pride. Charity selects Eithan Arelius, Naru Saeya and Yerin Arelius from the Blackflame Empire vassal state.


As the left hand of Akura Malice, Charity is in charge of supervising the Akura family contestants to the Uncrowned Tournament. She sends Mercy to train, provides Lindon with resources and training programs, and gives the Blackflame vassal team consisting of Naru Saeya, Eithan Arelius, and Yerin Arelius various training packages. Later she views the Uncrowned tournament from the Akura family tower. She is pleased with the placings of the main family team as well as the vassal team. Charity appears to be acquainted with Min Shuei, the Sage of the Frozen Blade.


Charity attends the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament. Along with the Winter Sage, Min Shuei, she provides individual training to Yerin Arelius when she makes it to the finals.


Charity provides transportation and a fleet of support ships to Sacred Valley for Wei Shi Lindon and the entire gang.


Charity is largely off screen in this book