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Akura Fury first appears in book #7, Uncrowned


Akura Fury is one of the three ✨ stars in the Akura monarchy, along with his daughter, Akura Charity, Sage of the Silver Heart.

The Akura family emblem glowed at the center of the black square. One large star and two small stars, all over three mountains. The stars and the mountains glowed purple. The star on the left represented Charity. Fury was the star on the right, and Malice the largest star in the center. The one that rose over them all. (Uncrowned ch 6)

Fury is the son of Akura Malice, so his mother is the Monarch of western Ashwind continent. He is hundreds of years old, but it’s implied that he was born after the Dread War, which occurred roughly just over 500 years ago, when his mother had not yet advanced to Monarch. However, he has seen more than one Dreadgod in his day, up close. He hates the neighboring realm of gold dragons who slaughter humans.

Akura emblem: Charity, Malice, Fury

Fury was Malice's child from before she was a Monarch, and he was the Sage Charity’s father. He was the only direct descendant of Malice to have ever made it to Herald, and was Malice's favored child. He was known for waging war singlehandedly. His techniques toppled cities and blighted forests. He had killed a dragon Herald, the Eight-Man Empire had a bounty on his head, and some cultures included him in their mythology as an omen of war. He was Malice's sharp sword, a legendary one-man force of devastation. (Uncrowned, ch 4, pg 68).



Age about 450 (a textimated guesstimate) but looks about 35, shadowy drifting hair, bare-chested, red eyes

A man walked into Lindon's view, laughing sheepishly, as though he felt guilty about something and was trying to laugh it off. He wore a loose black sacred artist's robe, but only one layer, with a bare chest revealed beneath. He looked to be perhaps thirty-five or forty, with hair made of living shadow. It rose and drifted and shifted like sea-grass in the currents. Unlike the others present, his eyes were bright red. “Hmmm, I don't know.” Fury’s voice was bright, reminding Lindon more of Mercy than of anyone else he'd met in the family.(Uncrowned, ch 2)

War against Dragons

Fury wages chronic war on the hated gold dragons who ambush human settlements, as does their Monarch Seshethkunaaz. In fact, Fury is among the three biggest dragon hunters, along with The Beast King and Northstrider. In the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament, he roots for Mercy to defeat the swaggering smug gold dragon, Sopharanatoth.

Mercy’s Uncle Fury had left the Dreadgod battlefield to come see her fight. He had personally killed Sophara’s great-aunt, and had lost friends of his own in his personal crusade against the gold dragons. He had spent hundreds of years campaigning against them, and she had been raised on stories of the thousands of human settlements they had annihilated. (Wintersteel, ch 15)


With his wild, shadowy hair, his bright red eyes, and his huge frame, Fury should have been a terrifying figure. Many of the family's enemies found him so. But for those who knew him, his personality undercut all possibility of intimidation. He acted on his own whim, and it was almost impossible to get him to do anything he didn't enjoy. He looked forward to fights most of all, so advancing to Herald had been one of the great regrets of his life. Now it was so hard to find a worthy opponent. Fury spent most of his time veiled and restricted, trying to wheedle Lords into duels. (Uncrowned, ch 4)

Akura Fury is an energetic, optimistic and cheerful person. He is always ready for a friendly duel and wishes there were more allies who can match him. In temperament he is comparable to Akura Mercy. He cares about justice and the weak, and for his family, especially his much-younger half-sister Mercy. In a real battle, he throws his all into a fight. He hates those that give up, as seen when a competitor accepts a bribe from Reigan Shen to throw his match with Yan Shoumei in the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament.

His Path

Like all Akura family members, Fury is on some kind of shadow Path. He cycles aspects of shadow madra.

When his hand crackled with black madra, he gently pushed it against the wall. A palm strike at one-thousandth the speed. When it touched the wall, a dozen black hands, Forged from madra, struck at the same time. The room thundered as though he'd cracked the wall in two. Every hand left a ragged handprint blasted into the metal. Lindon stared in awe. It was as though he'd struck with thirteen palm strikes at once. Fury turned, grinning and shaking out his hand. “This is the Crushing Black Palm. It's a Forger echo technique and an Enforcer attack technique all together. (Uncrowned, ch 4)


Spoilers below for the big revelations at the end of book 8, Wintersteel and beginning of Bloodline

Wintersteel Spoiler

At the end of book 8, a big spoiler.

Fury is at Sky’s Edge, a wintersteel mining community that’s a vassal to Akura. He is in a stand-off with enemy Harolds and Sages and Lords from Seshethkunaaz’s dragon faction and the four Dreadgod Cults. As soon as the tournament winner is announced, Fury advances from Herald to Monarch, via Sage. He manifests the Strength / Fist Icon and immediately advances to Monarch. He then immediately overwhelms Xorrus the dragon Herald and the others who had been attacking his clan at Sky’s Edge.

Xorrus choked out a voice tinged with fear and anger, “Why? If you could advance, why did you wait?” A Forged hand of shadow grabbed her by the scaled throat, and Fury pulled her close. He was only the size of one of her eyes. “To see this look on your face.”

Then three other Heralds unveiled their power, and the true battle began.(Wintersteel, pg 488)

Bloodline Spoiler

Early in Bloodline, Fury ascends, guided by lesser Abidan greeters, stepping into a portal into The Blue Way. He takes numerous family and clan members with him. He argued with his mother before he left, because she wouldn’t ascend with him.
The author has hinted on his Abidan Archives that Fury’s character might be seen again.