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Akura Mercy is an Underlady sacred artist on the Path of Seven Pages. She is the heir to the Akura clan and one of their main competitors in the Uncrowned King tournament.



We first meet Akura Mercy in Skysworn, where she quickly becomes one of the main characters in the series, joining the squad on future adventures. As both a fellow misfit and prodigy, she fits right in with the team.


Mercy stays in a Skysworn squad with Yerin and Lindon after their return from Ghostwater, led by Eithan Arelius this time. She assists them on their path to Underlord, helping Lindon find his revelation and never taking any resources from them.

Towards the end of the book, Mercy - still a Highgold - is severely injured by Seishen Daji, an Underlord. She then falls on his swords, but is quickly saved by her Monarch mother, Akura Malice. It is revealed why Mercy left the Akuras:

Akura Mercy was the family genius, who set records at every turn. She bonded the book her mother, Akura Malice, had crafted, and was following the Monarch's idea of a perfect shadow Path. However, she found herself disgusted by her family's lack of regard for those weaker than themselves and blind willingness to debase themselves to those who were stronger. Determined to be different, she made an effort to try and change that in herself. She was succeeding, earning a reputation as kind-hearted and respectful, until she discovered her Underlord revelation and was confronted with the fact that she too craved approval of her Monarch mother. Disgusted with this fact, Mercy made a bet with her mother that she could survive outside the family without their help and in return, she would be free of them. In order to make it as if she were truly without the help of her family, Mercy's power was sealed and reduced to Lowgold and the benefits of her Iron body taken away. As long as she could survive under said conditions, she would have no responsibility. But if she died, she would have to return to the clan as their heir.

Akura Malice returns her powers and brings her back to life, but she requires Mercy to return to the Akura clan and compete as their main fighter in the Uncrowned King tournament.


Mercy is revealed to have been given an intentionally easy fight in the round of 16 one on one elimination matches. She defeats Ulrok easily thereby making it into the top 8 and becoming uncrowned. Mercy also spends time playing matchmaker between Yerin and Lindon. This is partially out of motivation from just being their friend. But she could also potentially be trying to ensure that Lindon is able to end up with her rathing than being forcibly married into the Akura family either to her (As assumed by Akura Pride) or to Akura Grace as proposed by the Sage of Silver Heart.

Later on in the final matches, Mercy is matched against Sopharanatoth. Although she puts up an excellent fight, she is unable to defeat her after Sophara advances to Overlord.