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The path(s) of the Akura family:

It seems like all paths used by the Akura are at least shadow based.

At least one of them is called the Path of the Chainkeeper. The presumed blood descendant path of the Akura family have a Goldsign that looks like their hands are dipped in tar up to the elbow, which is confirmed 'the Goldsign from the Path of the Chainkeeper'.

The Path of Seven Pages (head family) uses seven techniques, each from a separate shadow path. The artist bonds an ancient seven page book covered in complex scripting and possibly containing multiple bindings. Each page represents one technique for each advancement level, starting at Lowgold. A user may call upon a page above their current advancement level for a short period of time. It may be typical to use a bow. They have their soulspace opened early, and have the same Goldsign as mentioned before.

it seems there are multiple sub paths.

Unnamed subpath, with a different Goldsign, namly a black halo. Have been known to use forged black swords. Might be called the Path of the Shadow Blade (unknown) Probably from an Akura branch family. Aspects of shadow and swords.

The Akura bloodline legacy is their ability to call up armor of purple crystal on some or all of their body (full body only supposed to be used after Underlord). This causes their eyes to look like solid purple crystal while using the armor.