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"“I have a thousand eyes and ten thousand ears. I know everything that happens within range of my spirit, so as soon as an enemy starts to move, I simply step aside. It's like fighting the blind.”

Wight, Will. Soulsmith (Cradle Book 2) (pp. 184-185). Hidden Gnome Publishing. Kindle Edition."

Descendants of the Arelius family possess the bloodline ability of the Arelius Senses. Members of the family have vast webs of Madra that surround them and act as extra senses. This web allows them to see, hear, and feel anything within their range. This allows them to dodge almost any attack and it is nearly impossible to sneak up on an Arelius. This becomes even more powerful over time because the range and precision of their senses grows as they advance. It is said that the Arelius Monarch could sense anything all across the entirety of Cradle.