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Attained by consuming the blood of a Sacred Beast. Once the blood is consumed, the individual must cycle it. In low quantities (usually taken as a few drops of each), it is known to grant increased protection from physical and poison attack by generating an explosive self-healing at the expense of madra. At higher amounts of consumption of blood and venom (draining 5-7 entire Sacred Beast Blood), this effect is magnified to cause almost complete regeneration barring the regrowth of lost limbs, though it comes with a monstrous madra cost. Only once has this Top Grade “Superior” Bloodforged Iron Body been shown to be attained and that was by the sacred artist Wei Shi Lindon Arelius.

Wei Shi Lindon Bloodforged Iron Body was further improved using the Iron Heart which drastically increased his self-healing from minutes to seconds and exponentially increased the quality of his blood madra.

Notable Practitioners: