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In addition to the classical sacred arts, some people possess unique abilities that they inherit from their families, known as bloodline abilities. The first bloodline ability seen in Cradle was the "sight" of the Arelius family. So far the only known bloodline traits are found in descendants of Ozmanthus Aurelius and in descendants of the Akura clan.

Arelius Bloodline Powers:

  • Descendants of Ozmanthus Aurelius, members of House Arelius, inherit a unique ability:
  • A detection web of madra strands surrounds the descendant, allowing him/her to see and hear for a distance, even further for the stronger and more skilled user. Eithan can not only see and hear, but also sense changes in aura, madra, and spirit.
  • Descendants are capable of sensing the touch, look, and sound of anything within range of their spirit, a range that increases with their advancement. It extends for many miles in the strongest recipients.

I have a thousand eyes and ten thousand ears. I know everything that happens within range of my spirit, so as soon as an enemy starts to move, I simply step aside. It's like fighting the blind.” (Soulsmith)

  • Vast interconnected webs of madra surround the Aurelius descendant, acting as extra senses. This web allows them to see, hear, and feel anything within their range, to sense muscles flexing, balance shifting. It allows them to dodge almost any attack and it is nearly impossible to sneak up on an Arelius. This becomes even more powerful over time because the range and precision of their senses grows as they advance. It is said that the Arelius Monarch could sense anything all across the entirety of Cradle.


  • Manifested (and created) by Clan Founder, Ozmanthus Aurelius, several thousand years ago
  • Manifested recently and masterfully by Eithan Arelius
  • Manifested to some degree by Cassias Arelius
  • Manifested (implied) by the Sage of a Thousand Eyes, Cladia Aurelius, also called The Oracle
  • Manifested eventually -- and less robustly -- by Jai Chen, because she accidentally absorbed some of Eithan's madra, in book 4 Skysworn.

Akura Armor bloodline