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Main Characters

Key Secondary Characters

The Way and The Worlds

Abidan Court of Judges

Lesser Abidan


  • See Vroshir for characters and goals
  • Iri, the Angler
  • Mad King
  • The Silverlords
  • The Horseman

Monarchs on Cradle

Sages & Heralds

Monarch Factions

Akura Clan

  • Akura Malice - Monarch, Akura clan
  • Akura Fury -herald, advances to Monarch. Charity's father. Malice's son, born before she became Monarch.
  • Akura Charity - Sage of the Silver Heart. Fury's daughter. Malice's granddaughter. Mercy's niece.
  • Akura Justice — Archlord. Trusted Gatekeeper. Security. Old man with flowing white beard.
  • Akura Mercy - Daughter of Malice. Fury's sister and Charity's aunt, despite age difference. Friends with Yerin and Lindon. Mercy is a child prodigy in the sacred arts but disagrees with how her mother rules. She begins the series as a gold rank and advances across books.
  • Akura Pride — Mercy’s younger brother. Underlord.
  • Akura Grace -- secondary character in books 6-8, Underlord, Uncrowned, Wintersteel
  • Akura Harmony — appears in Ghostwater, book 5. Was engaged to Akura Mercy, but broke it off when she defeated him in combat trials. Rank in Ghostwater: TrueGold, striving for Underlord.

Northstrider & Followers

  • Northstrider (Monarch) -- he advanced from Sage to Monarch in a desperate battle with a dragon at Harold rank.

Ninecloud Court

  • Sha Miara (Monarch) - teenage luminous queen
  • Sha Leiala (Monarch) — dead queen
  • Sha Relliar — the court’s Herald
  • See Royal Sha Family for more info

Dragon Faction

*Seshethkunaaz (Monarch) - looks like human youth, a boy in ragged robe with sandy hair, golden eyes, and pale skin. His spirit screamed danger even from just glancing at the King of Dragons, as though staring for more than a second would draw his wrath. He only looked like a twelve-year-old boy, Lindon knew. He was a Monarch, and perhaps the oldest of them. (Uncrowned)

  • Xorrus Herald, gold dragon, female. Sophara and Ekeri's grandmother. Left hand of the Dragon Monarch. She is called Desert-bringer, the Breath of Destruction, the Eternal Sandstorm. “This gold dragon’s power rivaled Akura Fury’s." See Uncrowned
  • Sopharanatoth — Underlady, supposedly. Lindon “kept his eyes on Sophara. She radiated hate, glaring at their whole team. [I don't know about you, but I'm relieved. Someone truly dangerous would keep their emotions in check.]”(Uncrowned)

excerpt, Uncrowned: Sophara was the real problem. The champion of the gold dragons maintained a strong lead. If Charity hadn't known better, she would have suspected the woman had actually reached Overlord. Her madra was so dense and powerful that, combined with her strong dragon's body, she simply tore through most tests. She held onto first place with an iron grip, which was inconvenient for Charity. If she actually won the tournament, Sophara’s name would become commonplace all around the world, which would make it difficult to assassinate her.

  • Ekerinatoth / Ekeri — Truegold. The younger sister of Sopharanatoth. (Ghostwater)
  • Garrylondryth, Herald of the Green Dragons, aka Rootfather -- uses his power to heal and enhance nature after devastating battles. Hates Akura and Northstrider (Wintersteel)

House Shen

  • Reigan Shen - Reigan Shen, Emperor of Lions and Monarch of the Rosegold continent. In Uncrowned tournament he supported the Dreadgod teams
  • Yushi - Shen’s Herald and companion, she’s on a Lightning Path, derogatory name Thunder Fairy
  • A cat, wily, manipulative, determined to control the Dreadgods and the labyrinth
  • Killed the Aurelius patriarch/monarch Tiberian Arelius and assumed control of Rosegold Continent
  • Seeks total control of the entire planet, via the dreadgod power. Excerpt Uncrowned:

“More Monarchs have died trying to kill the Dreadgods than any other way, but Reigan has the others convinced that he’s found a way.” Fury pointed to him from the couch. “The cat has a key to crack open the western labyrinth. He claims he’ll use it as bait, drag the Dreadgods in, and the security measures on the maze will weaken them enough for us to kill them and craft their corpses into the most powerful Divine Treasures the world has ever seen. The cults, of course, think he’s just waking them up.”

Titan's Grove

  • Emriss Silentborn — Sometimes seen as a giant tree. Queen of the Everwood Continent and Monarch of Titan’s Grove. The Remnant Monarch.
  • Chryleia - Her Herald. Created a healing elixir for Ziel.

Eight-Man Empire

House Arelius

  • Tiberian Arelius -- A good Monarch, killed by his neighboring ruler on the Rosegold Continent, lion monarch Reigan Shen. Against the advice of his advisor, Eithan Arelius, Tiberian approached Shen with a plan and information on how to destroy the dreadgods. The ambitious lion plans to use that information to become the only world-wide ruler.
  • Sage of a Thousand Eyes , aka The Oracle Sage-- older woman, grey-blond hair and blue eyes. Relaxed, amused. She has the Alerius perception bloodline. Friends with Eithan Arelius. Appears in Uncrowned tournament. Helps to train Eithan when he makes it to the final 8 in Wintersteel).

"Also, the Sage of a Thousand Eyes can see you anywhere I can.” So Lindon had heard correctly earlier. He looked back at the woman who looked like she might have been Eithan’s mother. The Oracle Sage, or the Sage of a Thousand Eyes, hadn’t been active since the death of her Monarch. Lindon had heard speculation that she was dead. (Wintersteel)...He snuck a glance at her through his bloodline powers. The last time he’d seen her, she had suffered a blow from Reigan Shen that had made her vanish from his senses. “If I may say, Cladia, you look even more radiant than I expected.” She gave him a wide grin. “Compared to a spray of blood and a Remnant, yeah, I’d say I look pretty good. I’m better at restoration than I am at spatial travel,

  • Eithan Arelius
  • Cassias Arelius
  • Veris Arelius - Underlady from Rosegold Continent main family branch. She competed in Uncrowned Championship. At Eithan’s request, she gave a treasure to Wei Shi Lindon. An elixir that strengthens his iron-forged body. “This is a reward for your hard work so far,” Veris continued, “but we also consider this an investment. “House Arelius needs allies now more than ever, and we hope we can count on your loyalty.”
  • Altavian Arelius - Underlord. Cousin to Veris. From Rosegold Continent main branch. He competed in Uncrowned. At Eithan’s request, he gave Yerin a divine treasure, Diamond Veins elixir.
  • Ozmanthus — historic founder / patriarch of the clan. Interested in cleaning the world, especially of dreadbeasts. Broom icon. Death icon. Child prodigy, genius in sacred arts. Developed the famous bloodline trait of perception, to see. He found an ancient Labyrinth built by the original court of seven judges of the first Abidan aeons ago. A genius soulsmith and refiner, he used advanced forging techniques to build weapons. “He could create reality-warping weapons on the level of the Abidan before even ascending from the Iteration.” (Reaper) After he ascended he accepted the role of Reaper for the Abidan and the name Ozriel. We later learn that he goes by another name.

Blackflame Empire

Imperial Naru Clan

Jai Clan


Arelius Branch

  • Cassias Arelius
  • Gaien Arelius -- Patriarch of Blackflame branch of house Arelius. Cassias's father

Sandviper Sect

In the Desolate Wilds of the BFE

Fisher Sect

Purelake Temple Sect

no names given


  • Underlord Chon Ma (Cloud Hammer School)
  • Underlord Kotai Shou
  • Underlady Kotai Reina
  • Underlady Li Min Redflower (Jade Eye School)


Seishen Kingdom

See Seishen Kingdom for details

  • Seishen Dakata, king
  • Riyusai Meira, underlady with scythe, gardener girl obsessed with Kiro.
  • Seishen Kiro - First-born prince. Underlord. In love with Meira.
  • Seishen Daji — Second born prince. TrueGold, until he advanced to underlord in book 6

Frozen Blade Sect

Four Dreadgod Cults

Redmoon Hall

See Bleeding Phoenix

The Stormcallers

  • Sage of Calling Storms
  • Calan Archer, Underlord
  • Therian Nills

Abyssal Palace

  • Brother Aekin

Silent Servants