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Cradle is an enormous planet home to more than 300 billion souls, but so far through the book we have experienced only small portions of the world our characters call home. Books have thus far taken place in Sacred Valley, and in the Blackflame Empire, and in the Akura realm. All these lands are held by monarch Akura Malice. One book was set in Ghostwater (Pocket World), created and owned by the wandering Monarch of the Trackless Sea, Northstrider. It dissolved and is not accessible anymore.

Below: Fan-made interpretive map of the Blackflame Empire and border nations. Click to enlarge.

Map Cradle

Also, see detailed map of SACRED VALLEY, fan-made

Cradle’s Oceans

  • Western Sea, on the western border of Sacred Valley and the Blackflame Empire
  • Trackless Sea. Northstrider hunts in the Trackless Sea. It is the largest ocean on Cradle and it contains an underwater entrance to the great labyrinth.
  • This planet is huge, so there must be more oceans

Cradle’s Continents

  • Ashwind Continent — Esstern half of the continent is home to Monarch Seshethkunaaz and his Dragon Realm. The western half of the continent is home to Monarch Akura Malice and her vassals, the Blackflame Empire, the Seishen Kingdom, Sky's Edge, the Wastelanders, etc.
  • Everwood Continent - Emriss Silentborn, Queen of the Everwood Continent and Monarch of Titan's Grove. The Remnant Monarch, with a soothing spirit. She spends her life traveling around gifting people with language. She gives a healing elixir to help sooth the mangled core of Ziel of the Wastelands
    • Dreadnought City — [He's from Dreadnought City,] Dross said, for some reason whispering as though his mental voice might be enough to break the stalemate. [Everwood continent, fighting for Emriss Silentborn. They do strange things with Remnants over there.] (Uncrowned)
  • Rosegold Continent — birthplace of Eithan Arelius and homeland of the Arelius clan, founded by historic patriarch, Ozriel, now an Abidan reaper. A portal opens connecting this continent to the Ashwind Continent and the Blackflame Empire, periodically. Emperor/Monarch/lion Reigan Shen took control of the Rosegold Continent after killing the Arelius Patriarch, Tiberian Arelius.

Akura Territory

  • Akura training and testing grounds is the Night Wheel Valley (see Underlord, book 6)
  • Akura kingdom capital city is Moongrave (see Uncrowned, book 7)

".. .the city of Moongrave. From the outside, the Akura capital had looked less like a city and more like a fortress for evil giants. Remnants out of a nightmare guarded its black and spiked walls. Their physical manifestations were so detailed and solid that he almost mistook them for twisted sacred beasts. He hadn’t been able to see the end of the city’s walls, which stretched all the way into the horizon. Dark towers rose from behind the walls, and the cloudy sky crackled with purple lightning. The spiritual weight reminded him of the Night Wheel Valley, as though if he opened his perception too wide he would be blinded. From the inside, Moongrave gave off a different impression. It seemed as though everything inside had been designed by an artist, like a dark paradise. Carefully cultivated rows of glowing blue, white, and pink flowers flanked gardens of black trees that sheltered flickering, shadowy shapes. Remnants and sacred birds flew through the sky, often carrying passengers or pulling floating carriages." (Uncrowned

Akura Vassals

  • Seishen Kingdom, located on Blackflame empire’s southern border
  • Blackflame Empire, which includes:
  • Frozen Blade School

“Frozen Blade school?” Yerin’s eyes flicked to the Sage's sword against the wall. “They're going to be there?”

“They're one of the larger vassal factions under the Akura clan, so I imagine they will be.”

“So the Winter Sage will be too, then.” (Uncrowned)

  • Rising Earth Sect / Temple of Rising Earth - destroyed by dragon Herald Xorrus so they couldn’t attend tournament, in Uncrowned
  • Sky's Edge -- Wintersteel mining community, Wandering Titan dreadgod attack. See book 8 Wintersteel