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The Eight-Man Empire is a group of eight people that are, collectively, one of the strongest entities on Cradle. Individually, they are each Sages or Heralds, but they can combine their strength using the Path of the Eight-Fold Spear to become the equivalent to a Monarch. Their armor is the main reason they can share their power. Abidan intervention was suspected, as many other Sages and Heralds tried to go this way to advance, but they all failed, with the exception of the Eight-Man Empire. [1][2]

They got their name because they conquer everywhere they go.

Each member of the Empire practices two paths: their own, and the Path of the Eight-Fold Spear.

Suriel showed one of its members to Lindon and told him that, if he had the strength of the Eight-Man Empire, he would be able to save Sacred Valley from the Dread God attack.

Larian and Del'rek are the only members of the Empire named so far in the books.


The Eight-Man Empire wear special armor that is a cross between a Remnant and a Construct. Suriel claims that ten thousand Golds working together would not even be able to scratch the armor. When one member dies, their armor is passed down to the next to join.

Uncrowned King Tournament

The Eight-Man Empire use the Uncrowned Tournament as a test for people who might one day join it.[3] Ziel fought for the Eight-Man Empire in the last Uncrowned King Tournament.[4]

In the latest Tournament, they brought four teams from four different warbands: Ghost-Blade, Flame-Gift, Blood-Chorus, and Nine-Hands.[5]

Their platform was a tower with eight floors, each full of people and sacred beasts, with one member of the Empire per level.[5] Later they were seen hovering together over the tower.[6]


  • They put a bounty on Akura Fury's head.[7]
  • Akura Mercy's reward for beating the first trial of the Uncrowned King Tournament was a dream tablet from Larian giving archery instruction.[8]
  • Reigan Shen fought them to a standstill before they drove him away. However, if an individual were to fight Reigan Shen alone, they would be "eaten alive."[9]
  • Northstrider would most likely beat them.[10]
  • In a fight, Sha Miara is roughly equal to them. She'd likely win if she breaks their power-sharing formation quickly, but would be overwhelmed otherwise.[11]
  • Each member of the Empire practices two paths: their own individual paths, and the Path of the Eight-Fold Spear.[12]