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Ekerinatoth is a gold dragon on the Path of Flowing Flame and sister to Sopharanatoth. The Monarch Seshethkunaaz is her great grandfather. Her great-aunt is the Herald, Xorrus. She was a favored student from the gold dragon clan, sent to Ghostwater Pocket World to prepare her for the upcoming Uncrowned Tournament. She chased Lindon and tried to kill him to rob his corpse, but was killed by him during the events of Ghostwater.


Ekeri, like most of her family, push to change their physical form from that of a golden dragon to that of a human (following the example of Seshethkunaaz, the Dragon King and monarch). At Trugold, she looks like a woman merged with a dragon, covered in gold scales and with a lizardlike face. She wears multicolored silks and a lot of jewlery.


Ekeri is vain and arrogant, like most gold dragons. She has a temper (as shown by her furious assault on the entrance to the facility where Lindon found Dross), and expects people to obey her. Like most gold dragons, she has an inferiority complex towards The Dragon King, and considers herself unworthy of him as a king.


Ekeri is on the Path of Flowing Flame, a path that combines fire and water aspects to produce great sheets of flame. The path offers a lot of flexibility, and focuses on finding the flaws and mistakes of another to push the attack. She wields a flowing whip as her weapon, and uses her tail combined with enforcer techniques to abuse her opponents.


Ekerinatoth is first introduced when Renfi and Lindon enter the portal to the Ghostwater pocket world. When Lindon destroys the portal to return, Ekeri is angry and demands that Lindon give her everything he has. He distracts her long enough to run away, but not before Orthos takes some serious hits from her. She doesn't immediatly pursue Lindon, waiting for permission from the Dragon faction leaders. Seshethkunaaz himself speaks to her, instructing her to win glory for her faction. She sets off immediatly.

Believing that Lindon has valuable treasures in his pack, she waits outside the chamber where Lindon hides, hoping to ambush him. She attacks when Lindon is forced to get food, easily defeating him in combat but failing to kill him before he escapes. She gets frustrated at the delays, and events come to a head when Lindon comes out to duel her, Lowgold against Truegold. Despite her superior advancement, Lindon uses her predictability against her and spears her through with Dragon's Breath. Ekeri shatters a gatestone to return to her family, but dies from the damage caused by blackflame.

Ekeri's death sends her sister, Sopharanatoth, into a rage. Sophara vows to have revenge upon Lindon, and goes on a rampage around the islands, causing problems for Yerin and Mercy. Seshethkunaaz speaks to Sophara and tells her that Ekeri was weak and unworthy of his words, which causes even more pain to Sophara, who loved her sister. Despite Seshethkunaaz's command that Ekeri's remnant should be disposed of, Sohpara keeps Ekeri's remnant as a pet to remind her of her sister.