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Fisher Gesha is an old master soulsmith of the Fisher Clan. She first met Wei Shi Lindon Arelius in the Desolate Wilds in Soulsmith, book 2. Eithan employed her to join his party and become Lindon's Soulsmithing tutor. Eventually her family left the Desolate Wilds behind to join her.


  • "an ancient, miniature woman" (Underlord, ch 7)
  • face a mask of wrinkles, gray hair pulled back in a tight bun
  • short, tiny
  • "purple spider legs of Forged Madra stretched out from beneath her, raising her to ordinary height" (Underlord, ch 7)
  • "a hooked blade of gleaming goldsteel hung on her back" (Underlord, ch 7)
  • energetic, curious, and industrious despite her age
  • snappish, bossy, but also kind


  • employed Lindon as a general dogsbody in the Desolate Wilds, at the Transcendent Ruins labyrinth (Soulsmith)
  • tutors Lindon in mastercraft Soulsmithing
  • created a prosthetic arm for Lindon in Skysworn, made of a hunger Madra remnant
  • earned the favor of Blackflame Emperor Naru Huan when she constructed and utilized a bomb to defeat a Redmoon Lord in book 4, Skysworn
  • constructed a mobile barn, a soulsmith workshop, in Night Wheel Valley (Underlord, ch 7)
  • improved upon Lindon's prosthetic arm in Underlord so it would withstand soulfire advancement
  • created advanced munitions with help from Dross and Lindon (see Underlord)