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Ghostwater is an abandoned pocket world owned by Northstrider. It was a research facility. It contained treasures and wells brimming with elixirs that heal and improve several aspects of a sacred artist. It was destroyed after the events that happened in Skysworn and Ghostwater. Akura Harmony died at Ghostwater.

After Northstrider felt the power of the Abidan, he strove to create one of their signature tools: the Presence. He abandoned the effort eventually. However, Wei Shi Lindon Arelius eventually succeeded in creating Dross, who soon evolved into a self-aware Presence in Ghostwater, by absorbing special elixirs, information, and merging with Lindon. All this occurred after Northstrider's researchers abandoned it.

Dream Well

"It's like a full night's sleep in a bottle."

- Lindon, Ghostwater

Drinking this well provides the user with mental clarity and removes fatigue.

Spirit Well

A high-grade elixir, the Spirit Well nourishes the soul directly, making advancement smoother, easier, and quicker.

Life Well

The Life Well restores youth and strengthens the lifeline, providing physical effects.