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List of Heralds

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Miles behind Malice, the unaffiliated experts of the Wasteland received her transmitted message and removed their veils. Three Heralds, a Sage, and five ancient Archlords. (Reaper, ch 9)

  • Xorrus the gold dragon, allied with Monarch Seshethkunaaz
  • Garrylondryth — a green dragon, aka The Rootfather (Wintersteel ch 10), allied with Monarch Seshethkunaaz
  • Yushi — allied with Monarch Reigan Shen (Wintersteel ch 10)
  • Chryleia — allied to Monarch Emriss Silentborn on Everwood continent
  • Sha Relliar - he's in Ninecloud with Luminous Queen Sha Miara / Royal Sha Family
  • Herald of the Tidewalker sect, name not given, see Reaper ch 1
  • Herald of Redmoon Hall, aka Redmoon
  • Herald of the Silent Servants cult (no name yet, a woman)
  • Herald of Abyssal Palace, name?

At Sky’s Edge, four Dreadgod Cults at Herald or Sage level battled one newborn Monarch, Akura Fury (Wintersteel ch 26)

Chunks of the surrounding mountains hurled themselves at Fury, courtesy of the Abyssal Palace Herald. The Herald of Redmoon Hall struck with waves of bloody needles like crimson cloud banks, while the Herald of the Silent Servants cut at Fury with endless slashes of a white sword that lit up the sky. The Stormcallers had no Herald, but one Sage. It was hard for Lindon to follow the exact details of the fight, but the Sage of Calling Storms seemed to be wrestling against Fury’s authority, opposing whenever Fury made one of his echoing commands. Lindon could feel the will pressing down on Fury, constraining him. The newborn Monarch kept fighting. (Wintersteel ch 26)