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Hunger madra is a big deal in the Cradle series. It is in the binding of Lindon’s prosthetic arm. It is the driving impetus of every Dreadgod. It is the force powering the The Archstone. There is an important relationship between hunger aura, hunger madra, Dreadgods, and the overweening ambitions of Monarchs.


Madra is the magical energy produced and residing in one's core. Life, blood, and dream aura generated by one's body are initially converted into pure madra, but as vital aura is gathered and integrated into the core, it takes on the aspects of that aura, and the corresponding madra is produced instead. Once cultivated, madra can be used to fuel and empower a multitude of techniques as well as one's own body. As one advances, their madra becomes more potent and more dense, allowing them to do more with less.

The core resides in the center of one's spirit, placed just below the navel, and madra channels loop throughout the body, to and from the core. Replenishing and expanding the madra pool of a core is done through cycling, drawing in vital aura of the same aspect, or through the use of elixirs and pills.

Not Capitalized

Unless creating a list or something, the word madra shouldn’t be capitalized. It is hunger madra in the books, not Hunger Madra.

Relevant Madra Aspects

The most relevant and discussed madra aspects in the series:

  • Hunger Madra — a key aspect in the entire Cradle series
  • Pure Madra — another key aspect for Lindon and Eithan Arelius
  • Royal Madra —- inherited, only in the royal Sha family of Ninecloud Court. See Bloodline Abilities

Hunger Madra

Hunger madra is strong magic, an endless powerful craving. Wei Shi Lindon Arelius’s prosthetic arm gives him a good sense of the nature of hunger madra.

“He studied the arm. What he called hunger wasn't just that. It felt similar to hunger, but it was more textured, with deeper layers. He felt ambition, greed, gluttony, an endless desire to reach for more and more.” (Skysworn, ch 12)

According to notes found in the Labyrinth, hunger madra is found in dreadbeast bindings. In Skysworn chapter 7, Fisher Gesha explains hunger madra to Lindon when they discuss his prosthetic arm:

He nodded to his pack sitting in the corner of the room. “What if we added a binding of our own? To the Shifting Skies arm, I mean.” That one was clearly the best selection, if only it came with a technique.

Fisher Gesha clearly understood what he meant, because she hesitated. “You should know that we've studied bindings like that one for generations. Dreadbeasts have plagued our lands long enough that we wanted to know what kind of madra created such monsters.” .. . “We never had a name for the white madra in dreadbeast bindings,” she continued. “Our drudges could measure some of its properties, you see, but not enough to identify it. These notes call it hunger madra, which is perhaps one of the most absurd names for a power that I've ever heard. Though it seems to fit.”

. . .“As far as we can tell, it's compatible with everything,” she said wryly. “Dreadbeasts attack us with madra of all aspects, and they all have one of those bindings inside them. Although it could be that the ones with incompatible spirits die off...”

She waved a hand in the air. “You're distracting me. These notes reference an origin for this madra, a single source from which they got all their samples. They were trying to breed sacred beasts that left Remnants of this aspect, but they never made it. At least, not by the time these notes were written.” (Skysworn ch 7)