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Intent refers to an aspect of magic on Asylum.


  • Readers - People with the ability to "read" the history and identity of an object to determine who has touched it, their state of mind, and its purpose. Also, once they have a full grasp of the objects specific reading, they are able to make changes to that object by investing the item with their "Intent", or, their desire for the object to serve a specific purpose.
  • Souldbound - A person that has been magically bound to an object of power and through the bond has gained the ability to call upon the objects powers as their own.

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...we still know next to nothing about the process we call "Awakening". I will summarize our knowledge as best I can.

- Ancient Research Journal

Readers may awaken objects by which process they transform their physical appearance and properties and granting increased power. Awakening an object also seems to impart a small degree of "awareness" to the object; the strength and nature of the awareness is related to its original "Intent". Once an object has been "Awakened" it may not longer be further "Invested" or "Awakened" for a second time.