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An Iron body is the focal point of a sacred artist’s advancement to the Iron stage. The purified and enhanced physical form granted by this advancement level can determine the path of a sacred artist’s future development. See Iron Rank.

There are different Iron bodies that a sacred artist can attain dependent on their training before advancing to Iron. If a sacred artist conducts no special training they end up with a base form Iron body.

A base form Iron body grants a minimal level of superhuman strength and toughness to the artist (most prominent in Sacred Valley). But, if a sacred artist conducts specialized training and creates specific conditions they can achieve a more advanced level Iron body that will come with specific benefits. This is usually what is done for most sacred artists around the world of Cradle, as these benefits, if matched correctly to the Path of the artist, can enhance overall performance and compatibility within a Path. For example: The Path of the Sandviper consumes the venom and blood (about 3-4 drops) of a sandviper to attain the Bloodforged Iron body. This Iron body ensures a limited immunity to their own venom when using their techniques.

Iron body, Main Character

  • Bloodforged Body (Lindon Accelerates Healing)
  • Hidden Spring Iron Body — (Fisher Gesha, survive longer with limited water)
  • Moonheart Iron Body (Royal Sha Family Makes it so Physical Trauma Does Not Disrupt Spirit or Mind)
  • Mountainroot Iron Body (Seishen Kiro, Allows User to Increase Weight)
  • Puppeteer’s Body (Akura Mercy Increases Coordination)
  • Raindrop Body (Eithan Arelius Agility. Allows the User to Move Quickly and Smoothly)
  • Sandviper Body (Sandviper Gokren same as Bloodforged Body)
  • Silverscale Iron Body (Yan Shoumei Increases Resistance to Spiritual Attacks)
  • Skyhunter Iron Body (Wei Shi Kelsa, Enhances Eyesight?)
  • Steelborn Body (Yerin Arelius, Increases Strength as She Ranks Up)
  • Stellar Spear (Jai Long, Jai Clan)

Hidden Spring Iron body

Forged by the Fisher Sect of the Desolate Wilds

The Hidden Spring Iron body. So called because they can go a long time without drinking water, so the idea is that they have a "hidden spring" inside their bodies and they never have to drink at all. This isn't true, it's just a myth they cultivate. Their bodies process water more efficiently so that they can survive longer in the wilderness of the Desolate Wilds where finding fresh water can be all but impossible. (Will Wight e899)

Misc Iron Bodies