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Jai long has his head wrapped in scripted red cloth because his face is scarred to resemble a snake, as the result of a gold sign given to him by a remnant from a twisted version of the Path of the Stellar Spear. The gold sign is a hideous face. Jai Long does not like to think about it or deal with people’s horrified reactions so he covers it with red bandages.


  • Once the golden child of his powerful Jai clan, now he is abandoned and cast-out by even his own entitled father, because of his scarred face.
  • Attempted to start again — and seek revenge — when his father sent him to the Sandviper clan, one of their vassal families out in the Wilds.
  • Loyal to people who help his sister and himself, like the Sandviper clan chief.
  • Vengeful towards his own Jai clan, who discarded both him and his younger sister after they were both damaged in battle.
  • Loving and protective towards his little sister, Jai Chen, who was badly damaged in the same battle that destroyed Long’s face.
  • Jai Long speaks in a flat voice
  • Expects enmity and dishonor from others, distrustful
  • A superb warrior