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Kiuran of the Hounds is a supprting member of the Abidan Division 001, Fate. He is not a judge himself. He is devoted to Makiel the Hound of Fate, his boss. Makiel is like a father to him.

Kiuran descended to Cradle during the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament and offered the weapon Penance to the champion. He encouraged all sacred artists, when they advance to Sage, Herald, or Monarch level, to ascend from Cradle, into The Way, and possibly join the Abidan forces someday.

.. .compared to Suriel, this man was a disappointment. He had the features of an ordinary human, a pinched face with a thin beard, and dark hair cropped close to his head. His eyes were the beady black of a rat’s. But he wore the same eggshell-smooth white armor that Suriel had, and over his shoulder drifted an eye with a purple iris. It looked like an Akura eyeball the size of the man’s whole head. The eyeball turned in a circle, looking at the Monarchs, but the man didn’t. He looked down to the gathered Underlords. “Children.” He sounded as though he stood right next to them. “I am Kiuran of the Hounds. Do not be bound by this world. The most talented of you will one day be offered the choice to leave, to emerge from this cradle and truly live. Do not take the example of your elders. When the invitation comes, accept it, and let your eyes be opened to the real world.” (Uncrowned ch 20)