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This is a list of paths, we know little about. Full Path list: Paths

Path of the Mountain's Heart

Used by the Kazan Clan. Most likely stone based. Has been known to forge horse sizes dogs of stone. Kazan Ma Deret, and Iron Rank Forger, uses it create bricks which he throws with great force.

Path of the Li clan (possibly has an other, unknown name)

Has been shown to have venomous aspects. Symbols are the serpent and the tree.

Path of the Fallen Leaf

Uses life madra to grow sacred trees and the like.

Golden Sword

Use goldsteel swords, that they enforce.

Holy Wind:

Creates zones of unnatural wind with dream, wind and light madra.

Heavens Glory

Uses light and heat madra to burn their enemies.

Path of the Amber Well

Uses dream and water madra. Goldsign is yellow eyes.

Path of the Cloud Hammer

Goldsign is a cloud drifting over the Sacred Artists head. Uses force and cloud madra.

Path of the Fisherman

The path used by the Fisher clan. Goldsign is webbing between the fingers. Madra is some form of “pull” madra, which seems to be a variant of force. It's excellent for Soul smithing.

Path of Flowing Flame

It's utilized by the Golden dragons and involves golden dragon fire, behaving like a liquid. Has been known to be used in whip like techniques. Body enforcement technique focuses on graceful water like evading movements.

There is a path for attendants to users of the path of the flowing flame, but there path is so far largely unknown

Path of the Starseed

Practitioners gather aura of light and heat into a tiny ball of madra, that they keep inside their spirits. They can manifest it, like a tiny star in their hands, but any power they use is taken away from the Starseed's growth. As they advance, they also advance their Starseed, but it's far less useful than any similar Paths (like, Heaven's Glory) until they reach Underlord. Once the Starseed is bathed and forged in soulfire, it becomes another level of existence entirely.Now practitioners can use their Starseed to melt through stone, and as it gets larger and more dense, the sacred artists become deadlier. If they continue to advance, their Starseeds can eventually burn cities in seconds after manifesting.

Path of the Rushing Stone

The Path of the Rushing Stone used to be practiced by the sect of Kal Itai before the Black Sky school destroyed their fortress and plundered the remains. Kal Itai, the lone survivor, began completing bounties in order to make a living. Eventually, he stumbled upon a task that would reward him with enough power to kill the Black Sky school. However, Kal Itai died shortly after obtaining the blade, thus ending the Path of the Rushing Stone.

Most of the path's techniques start out slow, but build up momentum until they eventually collapse or unravel from too much buildup. This is shown with the path's Striker technique, the Meteor Hammer. It starts out slow, but gathers earth aura around it until it's the size of a speeding watermelon.

Other mentioned paths

  • Path of the Unstained Shield, mentioned to excel at protection.
  • Path of a Thousand Hands, mentioned to excel in versatility.
  • Path of Silver Grace, known for its elegance.
  • Path of Glacier’s Birth, know to have been practiced by Underlord, Meiyen Teia.
  • Path of Whispering Wind, developed by an Archlord titled "The Script Lord".
  • Path of Rolling Earth, practiced by the Longhook, and Underlord of the Redmoon Hall.