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Little Blue is a Sylvan Riverseed. She is currently owned by Wei Shi Lindon, after he stole her from Heaven's Glory. Eithan Arelius eventually fed her soulfire and accelerated her growth to help Lindon advance on the Path of Black Flame. Growing from a seed, she developed even further, both cognitively and physically, while enjoying the spirit well in the Ghostwater pocket-world.


Born only a vaguely defined blue spirit seed with the capacity to develop into any form, Little Blue becomes female, probably because that’s how Linden perceived her. When we first meet this character, she is only the size of Linden’s little finger, blue and vaguely human-shaped. For various reasons she becomes more defined over the series, eventually developing arms, legs, fingers, toes, and becoming more capable in mind and body. At optimum strength she is deep blue in color, fading to robin’s egg blue when weakened and/or hungry. In Wintersteel Little Blue makes a contract with Lindon allowing her to grow to about a foot in height and making her body even more detailed, and a lighter shade of blue.


Little Blue has the power to soothe madra channels and help Lindon and Orthos recover from over-using Blackflame madra. In book 3 Blackflame, she helps Lindon fix the broken madra channels in Jai Chen. In book 10, Little Blue is shown to have a measure of Lindon's pure path. She can use the Empty Palm, manifesting it big enough to interact with humans, she can use a little bit of the Soul Cloak, and she can partially manifest the Hollow Domain. She demonstrates these powers by constantly sparring with Kelsa and Jai Chen and other Jades and Low Golds to train them. In Wintersteel she can operate her own tiny cloudship. For those who listen carefully, she gradually develops the ability to communicate through clicks, coos, and whistles. Lindon can understand her best out of all humans, because of their bond. He can directly feel the emotions connected behind Little Blue's words.


Generally cheerful, helpful, and friendly. Brave. Loyal. Stubborn. At first, she shied away from Yerin because of her blood shadow, but eventually came to love her as well. Fun-loving. She likes to play, to cuddle, to sleep near Suriel’s marble, and to ride around on her tiny cloudship.