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Monarch Factions rule Iteration 110: Cradle. At present, there are seven or eight factions, depending on whether the assassinated Arelius Monarch counts.


Monarchs do not age, so they can live for hundreds and even thousands of years, but they usually die in battle before reaching their first millennium. In terms of world-power, Monarchs are a great big hairy deal. They are superpowers. Only Dreadgods outmatch a Monarch — 5/6th of the world’s rulers died to the beasts in the Dread War, roughly 500 years ago. Of course, Iteration 110 is only one world among thousands in The Way. Off world, Monarchs are perhaps similar in power to a lesser Abidan, or a rookie Vroshir.

Akura emblem

Cradle’s Monarchs

Seven Monarchs rule the five continents at the beginning of the Cradle series

  • Tiberian Arelius
    • (Monarch of more than half of Rosegold — assassinated before book 1)

Sages and Heralds

After Monarchs, Sages and Heralds are the most powerful sacred artists on Cradle. They will often ally with a Monarch, but some are independent.

Factions w/ Bloodline Abilities

Three Monarchs carry a lineage with inheritable bloodline abilities. These abilities helped to put the House on the throne, originally. House Arelius descendants inherit the historic clan Patriarch’s infamous Arelius Sight, a detection madra. Descendants of Akura Malice inherit her expanding purple armor. Sha Miara inherited her Royal Madra from a long line of Royal Sha Family ancestors.