Naian Blackflame

Naian Blackflame was the last blood descendent of the former Imperial Family of the Blackflame Empire. At some point, due to the effects of the Path of Black Flame, Naian was driven insane as a side effect of the destructive Madra of his Path. He was then held captive for an unknown amount of time by the Gold Dragons.

Naian is entered by the Gold Dragons into the Uncrowned King tournament under the alias "The Black Dragon Prisoner." It is unknown who his teammates were. In the third round of the tournament, Naian is pitted against the Akura Prime team consisting of Akura Mercy, and Wei Shi Lindon Arelius. Lindon, devises a plan to cure Naian of his insanity using Little Blue in the middle of their duel. In the course of the fight Lindon is able to get Little Blue to cleanse Naian's Madra channels restoring his mind to him.

Naian proceeds to fight Mercy after defeating Lindon. Mercy defeats him. Naian then gives a message to Northstrider who is administrating the tournament before proceeding back to his preparation room. Once he enters the room he is immediately executed by Sophara out of spite for Lindon. It is later revealed that Naian's last words, intended for Lindon, were thus: "The Dragon Advances."

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