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Emperor Naru Huan rules over the Blackflame Empire on the Northwestern edge of the Ashwind Continent. He is the only Overlord and the highest ranking sacred artist in the realm, at least until Yerin Arelius and Wei Shi Lindon advance.


Important as he is, the Emperor is nonetheless a vassal to the exceedingly powerful Monarch Akura Malice. This relationship lays the foundation for various plotlines and several books, beginning with Underlord

His Royal Relatives

  • His mother, The Dowager Empress, is in seclusion
  • His wife is....the Emperor is married
  • His younger sister is Underlady Naru Saeya
  • His uncle is Underlord Naru Gwei, Captain of the Skysworn
  • Another close relative is Naru Jing, a rising star of her younger generation. Her father is an important figure. (see Underlord). She is married to Naru Cassius Arelius


Good-humored. Fair-minded. Energetic. Likes a good battle. Not fond of too much ceremony. Not overly prideful. He is friends with Eithan Arelius. When refugees need help after the dreadgods trample the countryside, he personally brings food and provisions (Reaper).


Huan is a vigorous man with a bearing and carriage that inspires confidence.

Naru Huan turned, spreading his vast, shimmering emerald wings for effect. He cut a heroic figure, with a jaw like a brick and eyes like knives. His royal robes didn't hide his muscular figure, and the outfit was impressive in its own right. His robes had a green dragon and a blue one twining around each other, the cool colors complementing his wings, and his hair was pinned up with a jade pin.

Powers, Abilities

He is highly skilled on his Path. He is the only Overlord in the realm and the highest ranking sacred artist. For a while....


The Path of Grasping Sky is the Imperial Path. It is illegal for anyone except the Naru clan to practice it. It uses aspects of wind madra. After years of practice on the Path, Copper sight is tuned to the wind, improving battle senses and perception. Furthermore, this Path enables skillful artists to hold an opponent in place with wind. Key notable sacred artists on this Path include the Emperor Overlord, Naru Huan, the Skysworn Captain, Naru Gwei, Naru Saeya, and the rising star of the younger generation, Naru Jing

Emperor's Blackflame Sword

Lindon... couldn't help pausing when he saw the sword. It had a long, straight blade of dense black, with red layers streaked through it in a pattern that reminded him of rising flames. It was Blackflame. The Emperor had a sword made from the Path of Black Flame, and from the pressure it gave off, it was at least an Overlord-level weapon.
--Underlord, chapter 26

Archlord Defense Package

Sage Akura Charity awarded the delighted Emperor with an Archlord-level defense package at the end of book 6, Underlord. This award was granted based on the exploits carried out in the Nightwheel Valley contest.