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Naru Jing is a Truegold on the Path of Grasping Sky. Previously the first-ranked Highgold in the Blackflame Empire, Naru Jing was the 'star of her clan's generation'.


She has the Goldsign from the Path of Grasping Sky, the emerald wingspan; however, one wing has been replaced with a sunset-orange prosthetic, as has one of her eyes.


Jing was born into the royal Naru clan, related to the The Emperor. She is also related to Skysworn (Organization) Captain Naru Gwei, and to Underlady Naru Saeya


She was only allowed to marry Cassias Arelius on the strong recommendation of Underlord Eithan Arelius, the Arelius clan Patriarch at that time. Other factors included Jing’s own strong feelings, Cassias’s skill, and his renunciation of his claim for the position of Arelius Patriarch. Cassias and Jing are a devoted, happy couple. They have one son, three years old in book 3.