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Naru Saeya is an Underlady in the Blackflame Empire. She is of the imperial Naru clan and well-connected. Beginning with book 4, she is a key secondary (sometimes tertiary) character in the Cradle series.


She is the Emperor's younger sister. Underlord Naru Gwei, Captain of the Skysworn (Organization) is her uncle. She is also related to Naru Jing, and by marriage to Jing’s husband Cassias Arelius.


Energetic. Friendly enough. Brave. She can be rash, charging into action like a bull. Seems to have developed a friendship with Eithan Arelius and his young associates, especially Yerin.


Saeya is an acknowledged beauty. She has brilliant emerald wings as her goldsign. She wears peacock feathers over her ear. She is 35 years old in book 8, Uncrowned.

The Emperor's little sister was tall and strikingly beautiful.
-Skysworn, book 4

Powers, Abilities

She is highly skilled on her Path. Before Eithan arrived, she was the youngest Underlady in the realm. In book 4, Skysworn, she was ranked among the top 7 Underlords/ladies in the realm. She represented the Empire in the Uncrowned King Tournament, along with Yerin Arelius and Eithan Arelius.


The Path of Grasping Sky is the Imperial Path. It is illegal for anyone except the Naru clan to practice it. It uses aspects of wind madra. After years of practice on the Path, Copper sight is tuned to the wind, improving battle senses and perception. Furthermore, this Path enables skillful artists to hold an opponent in place with wind. Key notable sacred artists on this Path include the Emperor Overlord, Naru Huan, the Skysworn Captain, Naru Gwei, Naru Saeya, and the rising star of the younger generation, Naru Jing