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  • See Underlord, the prologue.
  • Pariana of the Titans is a member of the Abidan forces, but not a Judge.
  • Rank: A one-star Titan.
  • Pariana was three meters tall, bald, and golden-skinned.
  • She was assigned to protect Iteration 986, a nameless world. She loved the people there.
  • She was almost killed/imprisoned by four Vroshir, but Judge Suriel the Phoenix intervened.

The Abidan’s Presence whispered, [All four match descriptions of tenth-generation Vroshir.] Pariana didn’t ask for their names. It wouldn’t help. The first generation of Vroshir had worked for the Abidan, long ago. They lived to shatter the Eledari Pact and see the Court of Seven cast down. It was not a grudge that she could resolve. In the face of her death, Pariana reached out to the Way. The touch of its absolute order soothed her. But she couldn’t fight the despair. Everything she had worked for, everyone she loved in this world, was coming crumbling down.

“Relinquish your Presence into our keeping,” the black-haired woman ordered, drifting down to hover over Pariana’s cracked barrier. “You shall be taken as a prisoner of war, and all others will be liberated.”

. . . (Suriel arrived just in time).

The Phoenix faced them all with nothing but her own personal power. “Surrender, and I will grant you mercy,” Suriel said.

The black-haired woman bared her teeth in what Pariana hesitated to call a smile. “Keep your blighted tongue still, tyrant.” With no discernible signal, all four Vroshir attacked at once . . .

Suriel faced the Vroshir, and her voice echoed with transcendent authority. “Begone,” the Judge said... Then the one remaining Vroshir simply disappeared.. . Suriel couldn’t have done that while fighting the others —- Pariana couldn’t believe she had managed it even now. Wiping someone as significant as a full Vroshir from reality was all but impossible. (Underlord, Prologue)