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The signature path of the black dragons and later, the past human emperors of the Blackflame Empire.

The Path of Black Flame utilizes the aspects of fire and destruction providing the basis for one of the most offensive and aggressive paths seen in Cradle.

This path however, has the side-effect of poisoning the mind of the user, thus making them attack everything viciously.

This is the second path followed by Wei Shi Lindon alongside the Path of Twin Stars.


For over five centuries, the Blackflame family held their empire by virtue of unstoppable force. Before facing a single Blackflame sacred artist, an entire sect would surrender. All across the Empire’s lands, rebel strongholds and rival Schools were burned in dark fire. None stood against the Blackflames because none dared; to be suspected of insurrection was to be destroyed. The Path of the Unstained Shield excels in protection, the Path of a Thousand Hands in versatility. The Path of the Cloud Hammer is respected for mobility and force, the Path of Silver Grace for its elegance. The many Paths of the Redflower family grow food and bring rain throughout the Empire, and the Path of Jade Eyes is unmatched in healing. The Path of Black Flame was stolen from ancient dragons. It is the art of pure destruction. But mortal humans are not suited for the power of dragons. Slowly, the Blackflame family declined, their minds and bodies eroded by the destructive power of their sacred arts. Eventually, even the citizens at the heart of the Empire thought of the imperial family as symbols and legends. More and more of the day-to-day workings of the Empire were left to the Blackflames’ traditional servants: the Naru clan. They became the face of the Blackflame Empire, with their loyal reputation and shining emerald wings, and the people grew to know and trust them. Fifty years ago, when the Blackflame family had faded to ashes and myths, the Naru quietly ascended the throne. The first Naru clan empress has since moved into private seclusion, and her son now rules the Empire. As for the Blackflame family themselves, most died out decades ago, gradually eaten from the inside out by their own madra. The only remaining Blackflames are Orthos, Lindon and Before his death in Uncrowned, Naian Blackflame.



  • Dragons Breath (Fierce River of Fierce Flowing Breath):

A nearly liquid bar of Blackflame madra that pierces and disintegrates more than it burns its targets, due to the destruction aspect.


  • Burning Cloak (Fierce Burning Outer Robe):

A full body enforcement technique that focuses on explosive speed and power. This enables quick bursts of movement and powerful blows. However, this technique more than even other Blackflame techniques degrades the body, every movement burns Blackflame Madra to fuel it, but it also tends to burn the body as well.


  • Void Dragon's Dance (Dance of the Dragon of Emptiness)

The sacred artist gathers surrounding fire and destruction aura and surrounds one or more opponents with it. Once a sufficient amount of aura has been collected around one or more targets, the aura is ignited creating vast cyclones of fire and destruction around each target that burn and destroy quickly.


  • The Dragon Descends (Original Lindon technique)

All the techniques from the Path of Blackflame forged on the user's hand. They forge claws of Blackflame madra like a glove with a miniature Void Dragon's Dance swirling around it, Dragon's Breath filling it like blood and a Burning Cloak surrounding it all. Takes all the user's spirit and a significant amount of his soulfire to bring it to life. Explodes on impact.

Cycling Techniques:

  • The official cycling technique of the Blackflames isn't known, but it is used to make the madra as dense and powerful as possible, like an opposite to the Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel, which focuses on quantity.
  • Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel
    • This cycling technique is unique among cycling techniques in that it focuses on expanding the capacity of your core. In conjunction with the Heart of Twin Stars this technique compensates for the side effect of splitting your core in two thus creating half sized cores.

Iron Body:

Both the name and function of this body are unknown, simply that it is more combat oriented than Lindon's Bloodforged Iron Body, which preserves his mind and body from the destruction the path brings to the user.


  • The Blackflame Emperor's sword - Overlord

The Emperors sword is one of the only Blackflame weapon or tool that we are currently aware of.