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The Path of Grasping Sky is the imperial clan Path of the Blackflame Empire. It is illegal for anyone except the Naru clan to practice it. It is focused on wind, and after years of practice on the Path, Naru clan members' Copper sight is tuned to wind, improving their battle senses.


  • Striker: Unknown
  • Enforcer: Unknown
  • Ruler: Uses the wind aura to lock opponents in place
  • Forger: Unknown

Cycling Techniques:

  • Unknown

Iron Body:

  • Unknown


  • Unknown

Notable Practitioners:

  • Naru Gwei - Skysworn (Organization) commander, Underlord
  • Naru Huan - Blackflame emperor, Overlord
  • Naru Saeya - Emperor's sister, Underlady
  • Naru Jing - Married to Naru Cassias Arelius, Truegold