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The Path of Seven Pages is the path that the Akura head family follow.

Each Akura expert leaves behind a Book, which holds their ideal Path for others to follow. These Divine Treasures take Akura Jades into a dream-world, where they test the disciple. If they succeed, the Divine Treasure bonds to their soul (their soulspace is opened early) and they are on the Path of Seven Pages. If not, they go to branch families, and their family chooses their path.

The Book of Eternal Night was left by Akura Malice herself. It has only been claimed once, by Akura Mercy, heir to the clan. However, it has been offered to every disciple.


Vary based on practitioner's Book.

Cycling Techniques:

  • Unknown

Iron Body:

  • Akura Mercy - Puppeteer's Iron Body (allows for effortless control of the body and offers some agility)


  • Divine Treasures/Books - These are stored in the soul and have seven pages, each one with a technique, for every advancement level from Lowgold onwards. It has been demonstrated that they can 'borrow' power above their advancement level, but it is highly likely this is only possible for those with exceptional madra control, as Akura Mercy had to divert a significant amount of her willpower to maintain a temporary advancement to Overlord while dueling with Sopharatoth.
  • Akura Mercy - Bow named 'Suu'

Notable Practitioners:

  • Akura Mercy - Book of Eternal Night
  • Akura Charity - Book of the Silver Heart