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The Path of the Endless Sword is a sword-aspect Path practiced only by the Sage of the Endless Sword and his disciple, Yerin Arelius. After the death of the Sage, Yerin is the only known practitioner.

It is said that the techniques of this Path are more powerful than others as long as the practitioner holds a sword, or a source of sword aura, which is the function of the Goldsign.


  • Striker:
    • Rippling Sword:
      • Sends razor sharp slashes through the air.
  • Enforcer:
    • Flowing Sword:
      • Enforces a sword, making it collect sword aura, in order to hit harder as the battle progress.
  • Ruler:
    • The Endless Sword:
      • Sends out slashing waves from the user's sword, that trigger the same effect on all sword-like surfaces it hits.
  • Forger:
    • Hidden Blade:
      • Creates a thin, razor sharp blade hanging in the air which is invisible from the front.
  • All:
    • Final Sword
      • creates a layering of all the techniques.

Cycling Techniques:

  • No specific cycling techniques known

Iron Body:

This body was chosen for the path of the Endless Sword in order to compensate for its lack of full body enforcement techniques. Instead the body enforces itself.


  • The Sword Sage's Blade:
    • It has been speculated that this sword is not actually created by the Sage of the Endless Sword, but rather but the Sage of the Frozen Blade. However, it is the blade wielded by the former and his only known weapon.