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The Path of the Rushing Stone used to be used by Kal Itai, as well as his sect before the Black Sky school wiped them out, leaving Kal Itai as the sect's only survivor. The Path makes it sole appearance in "A Sword Unclean", a short story written by Will Wight. Most of the techniques used by the Rushing Stone start out slow, but build up momentum until they reach a certain point at which they colapse.


  • Striker:
  • Meteor Hammer: Gathers the user's madra into a slowly revolving yellow mass of earth madras sits in their palm. When first launched, it moves at a sluggish pace, but it gathers earth aura around it and speeds up until it unravels.

  • Enforcer:
  • (Unknown): Kal Itai mentions that he has an Enforcer technique, but doesn't share the exact name. However it is shown that it acts accordingly to the focus of the path, and builds up power until he, [1]"covered ten feet in a blur with every step."

  • Ruler:
  • Root of Stone: The sole Ruler technique of the Path of the Rushing Stone focuses on binding one's feet to the ground. This anchors them in place, and overtime will prevent external forces from barely moving them. If this technique is used on an enemy without special training or. no earth path, it can inversely trap them with earth madra.

  • Forger:
  • None

Cycling Techniques

  • No specific techniques known

Iron Body

  • No specific Iron Body known


  • Kal Itai used to be a type of Cradle Bounty Hunter, until he took a job that resulted in him being in possession of [2]"An heirloom sword of blood and death." Upon using the sword, Kal Itai fended off a village of crazed life artists until he died of a unified attack of their remnants. The sword itself has shown profound abilities in soaking everything around it in blood aura, and when it comes into contact with a different source of blood aura [3](such as a bird or six-eyed man), it causes the external source to explode, causing a large wave of intense violence to spread to all non-wielders of the sword.
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  3. Reference to Six-Eyes, a man with six total eyes including his goldsign.

Disclaimer: All names and concepts mentioned belong to Will Wight