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Redmoon Hall is one of the four Dreadgod Cults. Its members follow the Bleeding Phoenix, a Dreadgod who primarily relies on blood aura. The more advanced cultists try to utilize a Blood Shadow in order to gain power.

Plots in Books

Cult Founder, Red Faith

  • The Sage of Red Faith or the Blood Sage is the oldest Sage on Cradle, according to Min Shuei, the Winter Sage. He doesn't use his real name and might not even remember it (Wintersteel ch 6)
  • Emriss Silentborn distrusts him: “He is very old, and craftier than he appears. Who can say for certain what tricks he has in his pockets?” (Bloodline chapter 13)
  • He studied the Phoenix and invented the methodology for controlling a Blood Shadow
  • He's a skinny white scarecrow, because he feeds himself to his clone, his Blood Shadow (a Herald, see Shadows & Hosts section, below)
  • Redmoon Hall was founded by Red Faith. Before founding the Redmoon Hall cult, he researched Dreadbeasts.

    Red Faith, The Blood Sage:
    The Blood Sage, founder of the Bleeding Phoenix’s cult, looked as though he had no blood in him at all. His skin was as pure white as his hair, which was so long that it reached down to his bare feet. His black-and-red clothes were tight enough to reveal his skeletal frame, and lines of red paint ran down his cheeks from both eyes like tears. He perched on the windowsill, hunched like a monkey, chewing on his thumbnail and staring at her with unnerving intensity. She felt nothing but disgust for this creature. At some point in the past, he was supposed to have been an accomplished researcher, pioneering investigation into dreadbeasts and the nature of spirits.
    —Wintersteel, ch 6

  • He is manically obsessed with Yerin Arelius and her Blood Shadow, Ruby. (See more at Blood Shadow)

Blood Shadows

Bleeding Phoenix is the only Dreadgod that can be physically destroyed. However, the Bleeding Phoenix molts thousands of its feathers as Blood Shadows that scatter far and wide. Each Blood Shadow carries a fragment of the Dreadgod's consciousness. When a Blood Shadow finds a promising sacred artist, it persuades it with promises of power and glory to absorb it into their core -- or it preys on their sadness and apathy at all the deaths the Phoenix caused. Once absorbed, it nestles as a parasite and begins feeding from the host's madra, blood, and life force. The Blood Shadow intends to return to the Bleeding Phoenix when it is full to deliver the stolen power. In this way, the Bleeding Phoenix gets stronger even as it rests. This is the basis of power used by Redmoon Hall. However, the cultist emissaries intend to keep the bloody spirit and utilize its power forever.

As far as we know, the only sacred artist to resist a Blood Shadow — which is to say, the will of a Dreadgod — is Yerin, when she was only a child of seven (see Skysworn). For a almost ten years, she wore that Blood Shadow as a belt.

Emissaries & Vassals

Redmoon Hall is made up of many cultists, but the most powerful are those who merge with a Blood Shadow, a small representation of the Phoenix's power. These are further divided into vassals and emissaries. Vassals are mindless, controlled by their Blood Shadow. Emissaries are the other way round. They are helped by their Blood Shadow, but retain their minds and powers, which makes them formidable threats. The Sage of Red Faith fed his Shadow for years, to control it

Shadows & Their Hosts

A Herald, Redmoon

For years, the Sage of Red Faith fed his Blood Shadow his own life energy and his own blood to control it, like a carrot, but it isn't truly loyal. So, it escaped his control and independently advanced to Herald. It now sits like a king, and dubs itself the Herald of Redmoon Hall. Or just Redmoon.

The Sage's Blood Shadow is said to be an exact copy of himself, in reverse. The Herald is red where the Sage is white. He’s worth an extra ally in battle. (Reaper, ch 6)

The Herald of Redmoon Hall had developed a disastrous ego that fully blinded himself to practicality. For instance, the Herald insisted on being referred to as “Redmoon.” How needlessly confusing.” (Reaper, chapter 6)

Yan Shoumei

Emissary Yan Shoumei -- She is from a poor background. She feels no loyalty to Redmoon Hall or to the Sage of Red Faith, aka The Blood Sage.

Yan Shoumei quickly got her power under control. “Sorry,” she muttered. “But I’m not his disciple. When I win, I won’t need him anymore. Or Redmoon.”
“She protects a city,” Calan said. “They call her their guardian spirit.” (Wintersteel ch 10)

She advanced to Underlady some time after her appearance in Ghostwater pocket world (book 5). Her Blood Shadow is a huge bloody beast dubbed Crusher. He helped her compete in the Uncrowned King Tournament. Eithan threw his match to her in exchange for his bargaining terms with Reigan Shen (Wintersteel).

“Her hair hung over her eyes like a hood, and her Blood Shadow slithered formlessly around her.” (Uncrowned, ch 9)

Emissary Longhook

Longhook † is a character in books 4-5. An Underlord who gave up his family and entire life to succor his "egg" (blood shadow) and gain power from it. He sees himself becoming the second Sage of Redmoon Hall. His Blood Shadow is / was his long bloody hook. Eithan Arelius told him, "Everything ends.” (Ghostwater, ch 13). See more details of his Path and his Shadow at Longhook

Other Emissaries w Shadows

  • Blacksword — a cult Underlord who competed in Uncrowned Tournament
  • Gerken? Gerky? see book 4 or 5