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Redmoon Hall is a group of sacred artists who follow the bleeding phoenix (A Dreadgod) who had been awakened by Jai Daishou because he sought out a weapon powerful enough to defeat Eithan Arelius from a forbidden maze which he had kept exploring until he had found the archstone (a lord-level weapon) and used it on Eithan. This failed utterly but had to awakened the bleeding phoenix.

Known members are:

  • Longhook (Deceased, killed by Eithan Arelius)
  • Yan Shoumei (Alive, last seen near the giant ice sword) (NOTE: please fill in the info that is missing)
  • Blacksword (Alive, last seen at the Uncrowned tournament)
  • The Sage of Red Faith (Alive as of Uncrowned, unknown after)
  • Herald (Unknown)