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A Remnant is a key component in practicing the Sacred Arts on Cradle. In some rare cases, a Remnant is a character. The word Remnant is always capitalized in the books.


A thing of spirit, made of madra. A Remnant is what’s left behind when a sacred artist dies. However, the artist might need to be at least at the Iron level to form a Remnant. A Remnant can be powerful, but it has only a fraction of the power it had in life. The Remnant from the Sage of the Endless Sword was quite powerful, but not nearly as strong as it was when corporeal. The Remnant of a Monarch, if preserved in good shape, could be very dangerous.

A Viable Spirit

To leave a Remnant upon death, one must have formed a viable spirit over the years. Humans, sacred beasts, and sacred trees / plants leave a Remnant behind when they die. Humans need to be old enough, at about Iron level. (see Ranks)

However, Dreadbeasts do not leave a Remnant, because in life their spirit gets mangled up into their flesh and cannot be separated from it at death. This is due to corruptive hunger aura.

As stated, humans and sacred beasts do leave a Remnant, unless their spirit has been torn asunder. The old Patriarch Jai Daishou could not leave a viable Remnant because the The Archstone had torn his spirit apart.

Advancing w Remnants

  • Many sacred artists use a Remnant to advance from Jade to Lowgold. See details of how this is done at Ranks.
  • To advance to Herald, an Lord level artist —- typically an Archlord — must manifest his Remnant and merge with it, so a Herald becomes half-spirit.
  • Remnants are also used in Soulsmithing


A Remnant is not the person it once was. That person is gone. It’s only a faint echo of the Sacred Artist. A reflection, perhaps. However, in rare cases, enough of the original person’s memories can be recovered, as in the case of Emriss Silentborn, the Remnant Monarch, who was originally a sacred tree before it died.

Tiberian’s Remnant

Reigan Shen keeps a Monarch’s Remnant in his void space. The madra/spirit of Tiberian Arelius is enslaved with a magical collar to employ as a weapon, a killer.

Multi-colored lightning thundered out of the portal. . . A man’s face pushed through, and Lindon could make out clear features of his face. This spirit was at least as dense as Little Blue or Ruby, with a similar level of existence. He looked like Eithan’s older brother, with short hair and a short beard, and a deeper light crackled in his eyes. When he emerged, spiritual pressure pushed down on all of them. Even Reigan Shen flinched briefly at the tension in the air. This was a Monarch without months of hunger aura eroding his spirit. A true Monarch’s Remnant. As its gaze landed on Eithan, Lindon saw a golden collar encircling the Remnant’s throat. Runes on the gold blazed with power. “Eithan,” the Remnant said, with a voice like buzzing lightning. “You survived.” (Reaper, ch 16)