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Cladia Arelius, The Sage of a Thousand Eyes, aka The Oracle Sage

  • Her home is on the Rosegold Continent
  • Older woman, grey-blond hair and blue eyes, strong resemblance to Eithan Arelius
  • Relaxed, amused, at least outwardly
  • She has the Alerius perception trait. Her Overlord Revelation (similar to Eithan's): "I see"
  • She survived a lethal attack from Reigan Shen when he killed her Monarch, Tiberian Arelius
  • Friends with Eithan
  • Appears in Uncrowned tournament. Supposedly helps to train Eithan when he makes it to the finals in Wintersteel, but he doesn't need her help. She takes him through a portal back to her secret home on the Rosegold Continent, where he gathers Divine Treasures and advances to Overlord. And to Archlord.

"Also, the Sage of a Thousand Eyes can see you anywhere I can.” So Lindon had heard correctly earlier. He looked back at the woman who looked like she might have been Eithan’s mother. The Oracle Sage, or the Sage of a Thousand Eyes, hadn’t been active since the death of her Monarch. Lindon had heard speculation that she was dead. (Wintersteel)

Eithan snuck a glance at her through his bloodline powers. The last time he’d seen her, she had suffered a blow from Reigan Shen that had made her vanish from his senses. “If I may say, Cladia, you look even more radiant than I expected.” She gave him a wide grin. “Compared to a spray of blood and a Remnant, yeah, I’d say I look pretty good. I’m better at restoration than I am at spatial travel" (Wintersteel)