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Cladia Arelius, The Sage of a Thousand Eyes, aka The Oracle Sage

  • A Sage, she's the most advanced sacred artist in House Arelius (their Monarch, Tiberian Arelius recently died)
  • Her home is on the Rosegold Continent
  • Older woman, grey-blond hair and blue eyes, strong resemblance to Eithan Arelius
  • Relaxed, amused, at least outwardly
  • She has the Alerius perception trait. (See Bloodline Abilities. Her Overlord Revelation (similar to Eithan's): "I see"
  • She survived a lethal attack from Reigan Shen, in the same battle when he killed Tiberian Arelius
  • Friends with Eithan
  • Appears in 18th Uncrowned King Tournament, supposedly helps to train Eithan after he defeats Sha Miara in nine seconds, making it to the finals, but he doesn't need her help. She takes him through a portal back to her secret home on the Rosegold Continent, where he gathers Divine Treasures and advances to Overlord. And later, after hunting treasures in Rosegold, to Archlord. (Wintersteel, Ch 7)

"Also, the Sage of a Thousand Eyes can see you anywhere I can.” So Lindon had heard correctly earlier. He looked back at the woman who looked like she might have been Eithan’s mother. The Oracle Sage, or the Sage of a Thousand Eyes, hadn’t been active since the death of her Monarch. Lindon had heard speculation that she was dead. (Wintersteel, ch 7)

Eithan snuck a glance at her through his bloodline powers. The last time he’d seen her, she had suffered a blow from Reigan Shen that had made her vanish from his senses. “If I may say, Cladia, you look even more radiant than I expected.” She gave him a wide grin. “Compared to a spray of blood and a Remnant, yeah, I’d say I look pretty good. I’m better at restoration than I am at spatial travel" (Wintersteel, ch 7)