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Sandviper Kral

Sandviper Kral is the heir to Gokren, leader of the Sandviper sect in the Desolate Wilds, in western Blackflame Empire. He is a Highgold on the Path of the Sandviper. He is a key character in book two, Soulsmith.


Kral is the son of Sandviper Gokren, the leader of the Sandviper Sect. His sect adores him, apparently. Kral takes up temporary leadership when his father goes off on a hunting trip. He is a trusted friend and ally to Jai Long, and always kind to Jai Chen. He sees young Lindon as negligible, not worthy of a moment’s consideration.

Despite joint inclusion in the Five Factions Alliance, Sandvipers have been feuding with the Fisher Sect for a long time — it’s an ancestral enmity.

Sandvipers are allied with the Jai Clan. Or they were. . .


Kral is about the same age as Jai Long in book #2, age twenty-two. He is a big muscular guy, brimming with testosterone and charisma.

Kral was twenty-two years old, and fit from years of martial training. He always gave the impression of an imposing leader, standing tall and confident as though to inspire those around him, gaze fixed on some distant vision of victory...until he smiled. Then, he looked like a rogue trying to charm his way out of trouble. (Soulsmith, ch 6)


Kral can be serious, as when searching for the Ancestors Spear, but most of the time, Kral is a party animal. He is gregarious and sexually charged, with a following. Jai Long regards him as a friend, but is not blind to his flaws — short sighted, foolish, self-interested. Dubbed “the young chief” he entitles himself to far more than his fellow sect members.

The Sandviper territory was taken up by a single, garishly red tent of many peaks. While the lesser minions settled for huts made of twigs and scavenged boards, their future chief reveled in luxury. Sounds floated out of the tent on a warm wind—mingled laughter, the clink of glasses, splashing of water. (Soulsmith ch 6)

Iron body & Path

Kral is an Highgold with a Sandviper Iron body, basically the same as Lindon’s Bloodforged Iron body, although Lindon took his venom up straight, no chasers.

His Path: Path of the Sandviper. Members of the Sandviper sect follow the Path of the Sandviper. It uses aspects of venom madra. The Goldsign is a green sandviper on the arm.