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The Sandviper Sect is introduced in book #2, Soulsmith

Viper namesake

This sect lives in the Desolate Wilds, a rotting area of blackened trees and arid desert in the Western region of the Blackflame Empire. The sect takes its name from a local snake, the sandviper.

He pulled a squirming sandviper out from behind his back.. .Its centipede legs kicked at the air, its serpentine head baring fangs as it hissed. Its carapace was tan and bright, exactly the color of a desert in the sun. Eithan held it calmly, regarding the monster with something like fascination. “This isn't one of the corrupted dreadbeasts of this region, you know. It's a perfectly natural sacred beast, it just happens to be hideous.” (Soulsmith, ch 15)

Main Characters

See books 2-3, Soulsmith and Blackflame. Sandviper Gokren and his son Kral and the key characters. The others are only minor characters.

  • Sandviper Gokren (Chief of the Sandvipers, Path of the Sandviper, Truegold Rank)
  • Sandviper Kral (Son of Gokren, Path of the Sandviper, Highgold Rank)
  • Resh (Path of the Sandviper, Lowgold Rank)
  • Tern (Path of the Sandviper, Lowgold Rank)
  • Tash (Path of the Sandviper, Lowfold Rank)
  • Grenn (Messenger for Jai Long, Path of the Sandviper)
  • Bren (Path of the Sandviper, Iron Rank)


Part of the Five Factions Alliance at the Transcendent Ruins (see Desolate Wilds#Five Factions Alliance).

The Sandvipers collaborated very closely with Jai Long. The Sandvipers are historic ancestral feudal enemies of the Fisher Sect in the Wilds. Gokren hates Lindon because he killed his son Kral.

Path & Iron body

Sandvipers follow the Path of the Sandviper. It uses aspects of venom madra. The Goldsign is a green sandviper on the arm.

The Sandviper Iron body helps this sect survive in the rotting desert, where Dreadbeasts and corruption abound. It relies on taking in the venom of a sandviper, and drinking its blood. Rinse and repeat. It is the same as Lindon’s Bloodforged Iron body, basically, but Lindon went further with it. This painful procedure enables the body to quickly heal itself from poisons, viruses, etc.

Eithan considered the statement for a moment. “'Immunity to poisons' is really an impossible concept. Any compound that harms the body is a poison, and there's no one solution for them all. What this will do is naturally draw on your spirit to accelerate your body's ability to restore and protect itself. It should help you against poison, parasites, diseases, infection, and so forth, as well as small wounds.” (Soulsmith, ch 15)


Sandviper Gokren developed the techniques that his sect practices, which focus on forger and ruler techniques. He has few enforcer options, as the madra he cultivates is venemous, but the sandviper (bloodforged) Iron body allows him to heal from any hits he takes or resist his own toxins. He fights ferociously, leveraging his superior power over his opponents and staying on the offensive, zoning his opponents with clouds of toxic gas and striking at them with his two spears.