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On Cradle, written scripts are used for guiding, shaping, or controlling native energy. "Scripts are composed of runes, sometimes only a few of them”[1]. Scripts can be used in many ways, for example in forging constructs, and to contain sacred beasts and Remnants.

  • See more info at Soulsmithing. A soulsmith adds layers of scripts to their work.

Script Path

Followers on the Path of the Dawn Oath become expert at employing scripts, forging runes, and soulsmithing. See Paths and see Ziel

Author Discusses Scripts

Will Wight, Cradle series author: "Scripting is unique to Cradle, but other worlds have similar systems for guiding, shaping, or controlling their native energy." (Archives e78)

Will Wight: 'Scripts do make a small noise when they activate! It’s something like the strike of a match followed by a hum like a power line, though for many scripts, that sound fades away. As for the sounds of techniques, that depends on the nature of the madra and the technique itself. As you say, something like dragon’s breath would make a sound because of its heat (and because of its destruction component tearing apart whatever it hits), but something like the Path of the White Fox would make no sound). (Archives e6250)

Simple to Advanced

Scripts are composed of runes. They can be quite simple or very advanced.
Simple: Lindon etches a small detection script onto a tree to find an ancient sacred orus tree with a spirit-fruit on it. This one simple script, composed of seven runes, will glow when it finds an ancestral orus tree (book 1, Unsouled, ch 2).

Advanced: Ziel forges advanced script-circles with green runes.

Ziel was burning through soulfire, infusing his runes so that his script-circles lasted longer. Therefore, as the fight went on, more and more green rings surrounded his arms, legs, and hammer. With each exchange, it became clear: he was getting stronger and stronger. Until this moment, Lindon hadn’t been able to estimate how much of Ziel’s former power he’d recovered. But based on the density of his madra and the strength of his soulfire, Lindon put him at the high end of Overlord or the low end of Archlord. His skill, though, would be considered impressive no matter where he was. He was Forging runes with incredible precision and operating scripts with such speed that Lindon wondered if he had a mind-spirit like Dross. (Reaper, ch 19)

More Advanced: Powerful runes are etched into a soulforge in book 10, Reaper. Lindon cannot even look at them — they hurt his head.

The stones themselves were large wedges that fit together into a circle about the size of a small room. Each wedge held a symbol that— Lindon had to look away from the symbols because of a piercing pain in his head. They formed a script, he was sure, but they reminded him more of the runes in Suriel’s eyes. There was meaning there that he couldn’t pierce. (Reaper, ch 12)

Abidan Runes

An instance of scripting outside of Cradle is Suriel's eyes, which are purple, etched with vivid runes meant to help her see the flow of Fate. When she is visiting Cradle, she hides these, as it would enhance the scripting of Cradle 'beyond acceptable limits'. Also see Abidan

Vroshir Runes

Vroshir, the cosmic criminal organization, using advanced runes:

A string of twisting symbols punched through the Way again, and Suriel glimpsed a group of Silverlords chanting in tandem. The silver crowns on their heads shone and serpentine runes twined around them as they called on the energy systems of plundered worlds to make their attack. That working would be enough to rewrite the physics of any local Iteration, but Razael backhanded the ribbon of symbols with an armored fist. The working of the Silverlords shattered. (Reaper, ch 14)

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