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Seshethkunaaz, the King of Dragons and Monarch of the eastern Ashwind continent, is a gold dragon Monarch who takes the form of a young human boy.

He follows the Path of the Wasteland and leads the Dragon Faction. He believes that power and survival should be the world's only laws.

In Wintersteel he is killed by Yerin using Penance.


“Gold dragons have a natural affinity for fire and water aura, but Seshethkunaaz was born in the desert. An exile, he was left by the rest of his kind to die.

He was found by a group of human nomads, who saved the dying dragon and raised him as part of their family. He formed a contract with one of their children, providing him with enough pure madra to dilute his spirit. With time and great effort, he was able to change the nature of his madra and embark on the Path of the Wasteland. He and his contractor were raised as brothers, and they advanced together at great speed.

When he reached Underlord, he took on a human form like that of his contractor. His adoptive parents shortened his name to Sesh, introducing the two of them as twin brothers, and explaining Sesh’s remaining draconic traits as part of his Goldsign.

For years, they remained content. Until Sesh’s brother killed a child.

In a conflict between hot-tempered boys, Sesh’s young contractor lost his temper. He struck a Lowgold, forgetting his strength as an Underlord. His victim perished instantly.

In many lands, an Underlord would not be held responsible for any actions against a Gold. But the laws of this nation prohibited the murder of anyone regardless of advancement, and the young victim was the descendant of a powerful clan.

Sesh’s family fled in the night, but they were soon caught. Sesh’s brother was executed for murder, reckless use of power, and fleeing justice.”

— Uncrowned (Cradle Book 7) by Will Wight