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The Silent King is a Dreadgod in the form of a huge white tiger. Its dreadgod cult followers are the Silent Servants.

The Four Beasts

The bloody Bleeding Phoenix, the electric Weeping Dragon, the stony Wandering Titan, and the dreamy Silent King. Plus, the imprisoned first Dreadgod, Subject One

“They are...disasters. Four monsters, big enough to blot out the sky, hungry for destruction, and so powerful that the most advanced sacred artists in the world have to join forces to drive them off. Drive them off, you understand. None of the Dreadgods have ever been killed.” “They're sacred beasts?” “Corrupted ones. Like the dreadbeasts of the Desolate Wilds, they were warped and twisted by their own powers.. .They're scattered all over the world. They burrow into a secure location and wait for decades...but when they wake up, they're hungry. Fortunately for humanity, no two have woken at the same time in centuries. But the last time they did, they destroyed the original Blackflame Empire.” (Skysworn, ch 7)

Dread Wars

A Monarch cannot withstand a Dreadgod. In the Dread Wars, the previous generation of Monarchs was all but eradicated, with only two out of twelve surviving, following a combined attack on the Wandering Titan, which woke up the rest of his brothers.


About two or three thousand years old, each of the four dreadgods were “born” of a dreadbeast, long after the time Ozmanthus Arelius lived. This was a failed research experiment to control hunger aura. The monsters were accidentally created by Subject One in the Labyrinth under Sacred Valley. They escaped.

Silent King Descriptions

  • White tiger, about the size of a house.
  • Halo around its head, probably dream or light aura.
  • Smaller and weaker than the other three Dreadgods.
  • The most aware of the dreadgods, the clearest thinker, the smartestQuestioner

Author Will Wight :: Some Dreadgods are more intelligent than the others. The Silent King is always aware, he's always self aware, and he's the smartest one. And the Weeping Dragon actually is the second most self aware. ..the Bleeding Phoenix is now third. And the Wandering Titan is just kind of an idiot. (Reaper Spoiler Stream (Nov. 9, 2021)

  • Seems to want to spread peace -- or vapidity? Employs mind control??
  • Hungry hungry hungry
  • Has long been kept restricted to staying within the jungle on Everwood continent, by tree roots and scripted ward circles made by Monarch Emriss Silentborn


Aspects: Light. Dream.


Uses dream madra. Controls webs of communication across vast areas. Clear thinking. But, like all four monsters, the Silent King tires easily and just wants to feed and sleep. Or, as Dross tells Ziel, “Dreadgods don’t fight to the death. If the prey takes too much energy to beat, they back off.” (Bloodline ch 18)

Strength of Will, maybe? Its will drew tight, more potent than ever, and the wills of everyone in its kingdom focused as well. Some died of exertion, blood running from their eyes, but most could handle this slight burden of will. Reaper ch 23

Or... maybe it doesn't sleep. It stays awake, controlling minds, creating illusions??


The Silent Servants, whose mouths are bound in silence

Mount Samara, Sacred Valley

This Dreadgod is associated with Mount Samara in Sacred Valley. Its halo of light/dream aura is similar to the halo around Mt Samara. A Path based on dream /light aura was developed in the valley, by Elder Whisper, an ancient sacred snowfox. This Path is followed by Wei Shi Kelsa, for one.

His Subjects

Deep in the jungles of the Everwood Continent, the Silent King crouched in its den. Unlike its siblings, the King had never lost use of its mental faculties. It would have been impossible to control dream madra otherwise. It was its body that had suffered. It had never carried as much devastating destructive power as the others, and was only as big as one of these human houses.. .
The Silent King’s mind was rarely focused on its own body. Even now, it tended to its mental web. Its subjects filled the jungle for hundreds of miles. They lived in cities, talked, joked, created art. Remnants crept by newborn sacred beasts and both traded respectful nods. Neither should be as intelligent or aware as they were, but thanks to their King, they could live up to their full domain. In these lands, there was true peace. But this was as far as its domain would ever extend. The thought filled it with fury. . .(Reaper, ch 23)

Enemy Emriss Silentborn

Everwood Continent --

Emriss Silentborn had earned her title for two reasons. First, she had a long history with the Dreadgod known as the Silent King. Second, trees were notoriously quiet. She was used to reading meaning in silence.(Reaper, ch 25)

The Silent King has been stuck on Everwood continent for some time, where Emriss Silentborn reigns. He is bound there, contained by her roots and her script circle, which is powered by her madra. He seeks revenge on Emriss Silentborn, and to spread his “peace” throughout the world.

For the hundred thousandth time, the Silent King ran its spiritual perception around the boundaries of its kingdom. Roots stretched all around it, roots under her command. Its greatest enemy. . . . (Then, Shen empowers him) Its will drew tight, more potent than ever, and the wills of everyone in its kingdom focused as well. Some died of exertion, blood running from their eyes, but most could handle this slight burden of will. All that willpower focused on the tip of the King’s claw. And it slashed once through the air. The roots wrapping around the kingdom were neatly sliced. The organic script-circle failed, and Emriss Silentborn’s madra drifted away like so much smoke. Finally, the Silent King was free to rule. (Reaper, ch 23)