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The Silent Servants is one of the four ignoble Dreadgod Cults. They seek power from the monstrous Silent King, a white tiger the size of a house. He's the smartest and most awake Dreadgod


  • They follow the Dreadgod known as the Silent King, a white tiger with a dream aura halo. The Tiger is bound on Everwood Continent by scripts and tree roots formed by the Monarch Emriss Silentborn
  • The Silent King creates vast networks of mind control, supposedly peaceful. (Reaper, ch 23)
  • The cultists bind their mouths shut. Their mouths are bound. They probably create illusions, but we have yet to see this.


Kenvata Nasuma Junvari competed in the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament and lost

“Kenvata Nasuma Juvari of the Silent Servants, chosen of Reigan Shen, you face Sopharanatoth of the gold dragons, chosen of the Dragon King!” Kenvata—or Juvari, Lindon wasn’t sure which was her family name and which her personal one—was a short woman in a plain white robe. A shawl covered her head, and between that and the cloth wrapping her mouth, the only visible parts of her were her dark eyes. (Wintersteel chapter 5)

Her Dream Technique

Lindon had trained against a simulation of Juvari. Once. Her entire Path was based around mimicking the dream Ruler techniques of the Silent King, the most subtle and insidious of the Dreadgods, so Lindon had thought she might pose a challenge for Dross. She didn’t. Dross could always hold her influence off long enough for Lindon to cut her in half with dragon’s breath. (Wintersteel chapter 5)


dream aura. The cultists use dream madra to power their advancement in the Sacred Arts. They probably gain the ability to create illusions.

Mount Samara in Sacred Valley

Dream aura of the Silent King is probably associated with the white ring around Mount Samara in Sacred Valley and the illusion Paths developed by Elder Whisper and used by the Wei clan.

Dreadgod Cults

Each of the four Dreadgod Cults is comprised of parasitic sacred artists who follow their dreadful monster and benefit from the destruction it creates. The Paths of each different cult uses aspects from their Dreadgods, borrowing power from them to create Blood Shadows, Living Lightning, Stone Spires, etc. etc.

  1. Redmoon Hall, with their Blood Shadows in a thousand different forms. Bleeding Phoenix
  2. Abyssal Palace, their faces concealed beneath hoods and stony masks. Wandering Titan
  3. Silent Servants, whose mouths are bound. Silent King
  4. Stormcallers, who ring their arms in scripts that crackle with lightning. Weeping Dragon

The cults of the four Dreadgods (-Underlord, epilogue)

In the epilogue of Underlord, the lion Reigan Shen recruits the four cults to his cause, to represent him in the upcoming Uncrowned King Tournament.