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Simon is the main character of the Traveler's Gate trilogy.


While travelling through Latari Forest as a child, Simon's father is killed by Travelers and his mother is driven insane. Simon is saved by a mysterious man with a six-foot-long, pitted blade and chains winding up his arms.

As a young man, Travelers return and kill his mother along with most of his village, and his friend Leah is kidnapped. Meanwhile, his village acquantaince Alin is revealed to be the chosen one, with mystical powers of Elysia, destined to save them all.

Simon decides to set out to find the powers to stop the Travelers himself. He returns to the forest to seek out the stranger who saved him, but finds someone else instead: a madman named Kai who talks to dolls. Kai takes Simon as an apprentice and lets him into Valinhall where he learns the secrets of becoming a Valinhall Traveler.