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A dull gray spark passed from the middle of the broom where Eithan gripped it, washing along to both ends. Soulfire: the signature of an Underlord.. . Soulfire itself, and the process of weaving it from vital aura, gave Lords powers that no Gold could access. (Blackflame ch 18)

Soulfire is the hallmark of the Lord Realm. It is purified vital aura, with no impurities or imperfections. When created, it is stored in one's soul space and may be used by the sacred artist in a variety of ways. By its very nature, soulfire does not consume, but rather burns away impurities as it refines physical vessels and empowers madra. Underladies and Underlords often use soulfire to imbue both items and techniques, vastly increasing their strength and power. As a sacred artist possessing soulfire has mastered the world around them, they may also use it to control the vital aura of the world. This process is generally not as powerful as ruler techniques and is thus not often used in battle. It is, however, very useful in daily life. And it’s of tremendous importance when Soulsmithing advanced constructs, including weapons.

Madra to Soulfire

Excerpt: Madra, Soulfire, & Will

Eithan stroked his chin. “Picture, if you will, a building with many floors. Each floor is higher than the last, and each supports the one above it. These floors are the laws that govern our existence. At the bottom, the foundation, are the physical laws.” He clapped his hands together. “It’s no less complex than the other systems, and it forms the basis for all of them, but it is superseded by the level above it.”
He spread his palms apart slightly to reveal the blue-white coin he’d Forged. “Madra.” A snap, and the madra disappeared. “With madra, we can break and bend and overrule the physical laws that would have bound us otherwise. Within certain rules and limits, of course. If we continue this analogy, soulfire is the staircase between the madra system and the next level up. At which we exert our wills to control the world directly.” (Bloodline ch 4)

Lord Realm

Soulfire is the signature of The Lord Realm but the demarcation between Truegold and Lord is not cast in concrete. For example, a peak Truegold who has actually woven a little soulfire can even challenge a new or weaker Underlord. Jai Long could externally conjure up a little soulfire while at peak Truegold.

He resumed his training, this time letting soulfire leak into his techniques. A small colorless spark infused one of the snakes that he produced. He couldn’t infuse his techniques with soulfire while they were inside him — his body and spirit still couldn’t handle it — but he could refine techniques with soulfire as he used them. It was clumsy compared to what a real Underlord could do, like trying to paint while holding the brush with his toes, but at least there wasn’t much any other Truegold could do to him. (Reaper, ch 5)


Soulsmiths use soulfire to make advanced weapons and other constructs. Without soulfire, many advanced constructs are beyond the reach of a soulsmith, such as a Gold level smith. This is why Eithan Arelius had to help Fisher Gesha with her most advanced explosive launcher constructs (see Ghostwater book 5)

“In traditional Soulsmithing, Archlord artifacts are effectively the peak. There is no higher form of soulfire than that which Archlords produce, and spirits are usually raised past that stage artificially. Beings stronger than Archlords don’t often die and leave Remnants, you see. ” (Reaper ch 12)

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