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A Territory is the severed limb of a dead world... A healthy world dies, fades, floats away. It dissolves into pieces, most of which also wane away. But some small pieces—a tower, a forest, a house—hold tight. They drift across an infinite void until they tack themselves to a healthy world, a world such as ours, like ticks on the back of a dog.

— Valin

A Territory is a fragment of dead world that, while retaining a sense of identity, floated through the endless void until coming into contact with Amalgam.

Once the fragment comes into contact with the universe of Amalgam it becomes able to be bound by the will of a Founder. Once bound by a Founder the Territory stabilizes; however, a territory is still weak and withered with little to no power at this point. A Territory must be supplied with more inhabitants from Amalgam in order to stabilize; if the Founder leaves the Territory for to long before this has happened, then the Territory could fade and return to the void.

This necessity has led to a symbiotic relationship between humans and Territories, to which they are bound. The humans provide an anchor for the Territory to Amalgam, and in return, the Territory provide humans with supernatural power.

Those who acquire these powers from the Territories are known as Travelers. Travelers, once attuned to a Territory, are able to summon mystical powers from their Territory. These powers vary and range from huge ice Giants to illogically large swords.

There are currently 11 known territories that people can travel to in the world of the Traveler's Gate.They are not only called Travelers because they can travel into these territories, but because entering a Territory through point A and leaving a short distance away through point B can move hundreds of miles across Asylum.

Each Territory also provides some embodiment of a specific personality trait or purpose within the world of Traveler's Gate. Typically these traits are expressed via various trials that must be passed by each Traveler within their specific Territory to earn the right to utilize a specific power or item from within their Territory.

List of (Known) Territories