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Tiberian Arelius, the Storm King, Patriarch of House Arelius and the fallen ruler over half of the Rosegold continent.

  • Rosegold continent
  • head of the Arelius Clan. Assassinated
  • He was killed by his neighboring rival, lion-king Reigan Shen. Tiberian had approached him in peace with information on how to destroy the dreadgods. Tiberian approached Shen against the council of his advisor, Eithan Arelius.
  • After Tiberian died, Shen locked his remnant in his void key. He occasionally uses it as a killer slave.
  • Shen attempted to kill the Aurelius Sage, also, but she survived the attack
  • Shen then assumed the monarchy of the entire Rosegold continent, including Aurelius lands, albeit in ashes and war-torn

Information Requested, Excerpt

Tiberian Arelius, the Storm King, Patriarch of House Arelius and the fallen ruler over half of the Rosegold continent. Beginning report…

Path: Raging Sky. Most “storm” Paths are really only lightning Paths, but the Path of the Raging Sky harvests water, wind, and lightning aura in balance with one another. As an interesting side effect, practitioners can adjust their madra to bring one aspect or another to the forefront, so that it can often feel like facing three different Paths—one of water, one of wind, and one of lightning—rather than a single, unified set of techniques.

When Tiberian Arelius was young, he was often called a “perfect sacred artist.” Not only did he have unsurpassed talent in the sacred arts, mastering each technique with grace and skill, but he never stopped working. He was honest and straightforward to a fault, keeping his power under control, showing perfect deference to his superiors and gracious mercy to those beneath him. The previous Arelius Monarch was only a distant relative of his, but she ascended with peace in her heart when she realized she could leave their House in Tiberian’s hands. He brought House Arelius to a new era of prosperity, maintaining a tense balance of peace with their rival and neighbor, House Shen.

Until his youngest advisor, a prodigy of their House, came forward to propose something more than an alliance. This advisor had violated family tradition and protocol to raid the tomb of their founding Patriarch, the original Arelius. From this tomb, he brought relics of an unknown nature. [WARNING: information incomplete. Continuing report.] With these relics, the advisor was able to convince Tiberian to embark on an ambitious project: the elimination of the Dreadgods. The same task that resulted in the Dread War and the death of the previous generation of Monarchs. As a first step, Tiberian approached his neighbor, Reigan Shen and proposed an alliance. Shen responded with violence. True battles between Monarchs are rare, and this one destroyed much of the Rosegold continent. In the end, even the Weeping Dragon was drawn in, and Tiberian was struck down. Leaving House Arelius leaderless and in ashes.(excerpt from Wintersteel)

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