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Wei Shi Lindon Arelius manifested the Void Icon in book #8, Wintersteel. At the time, he was an Underlord in advancement level. Lindon is the Void Sage. This symbol of Authority comes from the Way but its potential and use is unclear.

Void Icon

Some excerpts describing the Void Icon / Sage:

  • “The Void Icon had a good connection to spatial abilities (Reaper, ch 1)
  • Finally, Ziel realized where that chill was coming from. He wasn’t talking to Lindon anymore. That was the Void Sage. ..The pressure he’d felt in that moment was difficult for him to even process. (Reaper ch 3)
  • “He stretched out to the Void Icon. Emptiness, hunger, and nonexistence. (Reaper, ch 7)
  • “The same all-consuming hunger that reminded him of the Void Icon. Identical to the aura that had flooded out the night before. Hunger aura. (Reaper, ch 9)
  • “I don’t want to win by giving something up. I want it all. I want all of it.” The fury of the Void Icon faded, and he coughed a little in embarrassment. “. . if you’re willing, of course.” (Reaper, ch 16)
  • “. . .he was pulling something into existence, and out of nothingness. That resonated with the Void Icon, but he wasn’t sure exactly how” (Reaper, ch 18)

Void and Vroshir

Question & Answer with Will Wight:

Questioner: Does the Void in the 'Void Sage' have any connection to the Vroshir 'Void'?

Will Wight: Ah, sort of, yeah. In the sense that the Void is just what they call the empty expanse outside of existence. And the Void Icon is the concept of non-existence or emptiness as reflected in the Way. So, its power does come from the Way, like any Icon does, so in that regard its not coming from The Void, it is coming from the Way. But you would be able to potentially, that is one potential use of the Void Icon is tapping into The Void. (Archive1823)