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Wei Shi Lindon Arelius is the primary protagonist of Cradle. He was born to the Shi family of the Wei Clan in Sacred Valley and was considered Unsouled due to his madra deficiency. He is following the Path of Twin Stars and the Path of Black Flame. He has been adopted into the Arelius family by his primary mentor, Lord Eithan Arelius.


Lindon is a tall young man with a brawny physique. He often looks like he is spoiling for a fight with his face, tall build and broad shoulders...He has black hair and dark brown eyes. His eyes turn black with red irises when he cycles his Blackflame madra. His eyes turn completely blue when he uses Hollow Domain after making a contract with Little Blue.

After losing his arm, he obtains a misty prosthetic created through Soulsmithing. The prosthetic uses a hunger binding taken from the Ancestors Spear that allows it to consume madra which can then be absorbed into either of his cores or gets funneled back into the enemy, but due to its nature as Remnant he needs to cycle madra through it to solidify it and allow it to interact with solid inanimate objects.

After advancing to Underlord, his features smooth out. His prosthetic remnant arm takes on the shape of a normal arm though it maintains its ivory white color. He also Forges the Archstone into his arm in order for the Gold Level prosthetic to survive the transition into the Lord Realm once washed in soulfire.


Lindon is very polite and deferential due to growing up as an Unsouled, by far the least valuable member of the clan. Because of his madra deficiency, he was treated with mild scorn within his clan. Without power, he was considered to be inconsequential at best and a little better than a punching bag at worst. In response to this treatment, he cultivated a very humble attitude demonstrated by his habit of always referring to himself as “this one” which seems to imply that he is so low as to not deserve recognition. This demeanor, though, has also made it easy for him to hide his dangerously clever mind without even intending to do so.

Lindon has a keen interest in Soulsmithing, his mother's profession. He is very focused on advancement, as he was powerless for so long. His vision from Suriel about the future calamity in Sacred Valley further inspires him to become strong enough to save his home. Though in Underlord, we find out that Lindon practices the sacred arts so that he won't be useless anymore.

During his time in the Wei Clan he was also forbidden from learning any manner of sacred arts as well as utilizing any clan resources for advancement. Lindon searched desperately for ways to improve himself on his own, doing whatever it takes to move forward. He relied on plans, tricks, and loopholes to get ahead in the first and second book.

Lindon is kind and caring, sometimes to the point of naivety due to unfamiliarity with the world outside of Sacred Valley.

Notable Enemies

Enemies Lindon power book v/d
Sandviper Kral Pure Core:Iron Pure Core:Copper Soulsmith Victory
Jai Long Blackflame & Pure Cores: Lowgold Skysworn Defeat
Ekeri Ghostwater Victory
Harmony Blackflame Core: Truegold Pure Core: Highgold Team Victory with Orthos
Seishen Prince Kiro Blackflame & Pure Cores: Truegold Underlord Victory Round 1 - Minor Defeat, Round 2 (Fight to the Death)
Akura Grace + 12 Akura Underlords Blackflame & Pure Cores: Underlord Uncrowned Victory
Yerin Defeat
Uncrowned Assassination Squad: Sopharantoth,Brother Aekin, Yan Shoumei, Calan Archer Wintersteel Victory


book no Biography info
1 Unsouled Lindon is the youngest child of Jaran and Seisha, Irons of the Wei clan. In his youth, Lindon failed the Spritual Origin madra affinity test and was labeled an Unsouled, cursed of the heavens. As such he was forbidden to learn the Sacred Arts of the clan and was denied a path. His clan refused to invest resources to help him advance due to this deficiency. As a result he remained at the Foundation rank long past the age when children advance to Copper.

Prior to the Festival, Seisha sent Lindon to find the white orus, a spirit fruit. A normal orus fruit was like a pure white peach, and grew only in Sacred Valley. Fruit from an ancestral orus tree looked no different, but a bite would deliver him years' worth of purified vital aura that he could process into madra. As Lindon began to harvest the spirit fruit, Teris soon emerged from the woods, hair mussed and covered in scratches. He was hunting a snowfox, which was illegal. Angered that Lindon had interrupted his hunt, Teris punched the bark and leaving the imprint of his fist in the wood. The tree bent in the middle, splintered and fell apart. As a result, a remnant rose from the tree’s corpse. Immediately, Teris ran deeper in the woods without a glance back. Lindon used scripts and a crystal flask to distract the remnant and retrieve the spirit fruit from the remnant. Seisha was able to restore the remnant of the spirit fruit and split it between Kelsa and Lindon.

Soon, Lindon and Teris were called before the First Elder to recount the confrontation. Since Teris had abandoned a child of the Foundation Stage, he was to receive three lashes. Lindon, however, was to feed Elder Whisper. Elder Whisper told Lindon that the Path of the White Fox was not for him and Lindon would have to forge his own path. During the public whipping of Wei Mon Teris, Wei Mon Eri challenged Wei Shi Lindon to a duel of honor before the entire clan. Lindon was forced to accept the duel to surrender.

Lindon spent his time scouring the Clan archives searching for a suitable path. There he found a book called, "Heart of Twin Stars". The book taught two techniques, Empty Palm and Heart of Twin Stars. Since Lindon would be shamed in the duel regardless of the outcome due to his age and deficiency, he and Kelsa devised a plan. Lindon would challenge Wei Mon Keth, Teris and Eri's father. Lindon requested a duel in which each party would have one strike each. The first to lose his footing is defeated. Lindon quickly executed the empty palm and punched Keth in the gut. Immediately, Lindon surrendered the duel.

During the seven years festival held by the Wei Clan, Lindon was a victim of a temporal divergence. Due to the nature of this event, he ended up meeting Suriel, the Phoenix, Sixth Judge of the Abidan Court. Suriel had taken an interest in Lindon after seeing him give his life in what he knew to be a futile effort to stop a being who had transcended Cradle, Li Markuth. She admired his actions and, as something of a reward, showed him his most likely fated future. During this vision, Lindon discovers that Sacred Valley would be destroyed by a Dread god (the Wandering Titan) a being so powerful that it crushes the entire valley underfoot. Desperate to save his home, despite his treatment, Lindon begs the “Celestial Messenger” to show him a way to prevent this tragedy from occurring. In response, he is taken by Suriel to see several individuals (The Eight Man Empire, The Monarch Northstrider, and Luminous Queen Sha Miara) stating that they each had the power to save his homeland. At first, this is believed to be the answer to his question but he is proven wrong as Suriel asks him what they have in common. Unable to come up with the correct answer he is told that it boils down to one simple thing: Drive. “...any Sage will tell you that all paths can be reduced to one: Improve yourself.” Thus begins Wei Shi Lindon’s journey. After time was reversed by Suriel, he easily won the tournament, via his Empty Palm, and went to the Heaven's Glory school, only to leave almost immediately after with Yerin after killing several irons and a jade.

2 Soulsmith After escaping from the Sacred Valley, Yerin and Lindon enter territory of the Sandvipers. Again, they soon leave, and enter Fisher territory. Yerin does jobs for the Fishers, such as helping them kill off remnants, while Lindon is recruited by Fisher Gesha to forge scales for her due to his pure madra. Lindon is captured to work in the mines but is immediately rescued by Gesha, who says it won't happen again. Lindon attempts to free the slaves working in the mine, but he gets captured for real this time, as does Yerin. Eithan is also 'captured' though he actually came willingly. Lindon undergoes a lot of training, and after being stung five times by the venomous sandviper, ascends to iron with a Bloodforged body. Soon, Eithan gets them out, but Lindon is severely injured by Kral, but because of his iron body, survives, and kills Kral after Eithan reveals that Lindon was still alive to him. Jai Long demands retribution but after Eithan revealed that he was the Arelius Underlord, backs down, but Eithan promises Jai Long a duel in a year. With this, Lindon and Yerin are healed by the Fishers, and taken to the Arelius family.

This ends up pushing Lindon to stretch himself past his limits which leads to him killing a High gold as an Iron later on. In doing so he accidentally enters into a feud with Jai Long who, having made a difficult and irreversible choice to save his sister, was shamed by his clan and had looked at his fellow Highgold as something of a brother.

3 Blackflame Lindon goes to the Blackflame Empire and embarks one of his pure cores on the Path of Black Flame. Eithan shows him various powerful paths, before he settles on the Path of Black Flame. Eithan has Lindon bond with a Truegold Sacred Beast, named Orthos. This allows Lindon to instantly have a core producing Blackflame madra and advance to Jade. He then begins training with Yerin. After several months, the Arelius family within the city Serpents Grave is attacked. While under attack, Lindon and Orthos are forced to fight the chief of the Sandvipers and Kral's father, Gokren. Lindon's newly mastered Dragon's Breath takes his arm off. Just before this, he advanced to Lowgold, though he doesn't realize it. While this fight is going on, Yerin is fighting Jai Long. Jai Long is Truegold while Yerin is Lowgold, though she advances to Highgold during the fight, and due to the circumstances within the city, Jai Long is forced to retreat. After fighting and killing the Sandvipers with Orthos, Lindon sees a bloody and bruised Eithan. Eithan jokes that his ranking amongst the Underlords would soon go up, as a Skysworn was watching the fight. Eithan also shares that he had a marble from the Abidan, which is similar except for having a darker, black color. On Eithan's orders, Lindon goes to the Jai Clan tower to find Jai Chen. Jai Chen was injured by a Remnant many years ago, which damaged her madra channels leaving her weak and crippled. Lindon, with the help of Little Blue heals her channels and restores her madra flow, thus helping her recover and slowly get her strength back.
4 Skysworn Lindon fights with Jai Long. He also loses his arm in the fight, which leads to him getting a prosthetic Remnant arm. Jai Daishou, the patriarch of the Jai clan and another underlord, who had opened the labyrinth in search for weapons and elixirs to help him defeat Eithan, unintentionally awakens the Bleeding Pheonix, one of the four fearsome dread gods and sets the Phoenix and its cult of followers, Redmoon Hall, on a path of devastation and slaughter till they are finally stopped with the help of the Akura family Monarch, Akura Malice.
5 Ghostwater Lindon, Yerin, Mercy, Renfei, and Bai Rou are sent on a mission to a pocket dimension known as 'Ghostwater'. Ghostwater was created by the Monarch level sacred artist 'Northstrider'. Northstrider is said to have vanished many years beforehand and is believed dead. The skysworn send Lindon and the others to investigate the status of Ghostwater and potential retrieve any useful artifacts left behind by Northstrider.

Upon arriving at the portal to Ghostwater, Lindon, Orthos, and Renfei enter alone and are taken by surprise to find a large number of unknown Truegold sacred artists waiting by the entrance portal. Renfei is then killed by one of the Truegolds revealed to be Akura Harmony. Lindon and Orthos flee the battle and are pursued by Ekeri, a Truegold golden dragon. Lindon takes refuge inside an underground vault wherein he discovers a pool known as 'The Dreamwell'. Water from The Dreamwell restores ones mental clarity as if they had just had a full nights rest. Inside The Dreamwell Lindon discovers a sentient construct named 'Dross' which guides him through the rest of Northstrider's facility.

Lindon takes advantage of the time with the dreamwell to train far faster than he is typically able, since he does not have to sleep when using the dreamwell as a supplement. He also discovers that the sacred beasts that live in Ghostwater provide extreme benefits to his physical body when eaten, due to their extremely high Madra concentrations. After being strengthened by Dreamwell training, and Sacred fish, Lindon is able to defeat Ekeri in a battle and escape The Dreamwell chamber.

Led by Dross, Lindon and Orthos proceed to another section of Ghostwater where Dross leads them to 'The spiritwell'. This well provides Madra on level with a top grade elixer and allows Lindon to quickly expand both of his cores. Within days, Lindon reaches High Gold in both cores. They are then met by 'Ziel' a Truegold disciple of the Beast King. Ziel proves to be relatively friendly to the group, and passively watches Lindon cycle and train using the Spirit Well, occasionally driving off a Sacred Beast threat. Ziel then tells Lindon that Ghostwater is collapsing more and more rapidly and encourages him to move on to the next section so that he may escape in time. He then gives Lindon several bottles of Spiritwell water that will be enough to advance him to Truegold.

Lindon proceeds to the next section of Ghostwater where he encounters 'The Lifewell'. He drinks from the Lifewell and strengthens his Lifeline to be 'as thick as a treetrunk' which will ensure Lindon will live an extremely long natural life and increased vitality.

Lindon then proceeds to the lowest level of Ghostwater where he confronts Akura Harmony. After a heated battle, Lindon and Orthos are able to defeat Akura Harmony after Dross uses Ghostwater to connect himself to The Wey, and essentially become 'a Presence'.

Lindon begs Akura Harmony to come with him as Ghostwater collapses. Harmony, too proud to accept Lindon's mercy vows revenge and refuses to come with him. Lindon then flees Ghostwater, leaving Harmony to die.

6 Underlord Lindon heads to the Blackflame Empire to regroup with Eithan. Akura Charity, Sage of the Silver Heart and Mercy's distant aunt announces to the Blackflame empire and its neighbouring kingdom, the Seishen Kingdom about the Uncrowned Tournament. Since both the Blackflame empire and the Seishen kingdom are vassal states of the Akura family territory, they are allowed to participate in the uncrowned tournament, but only 3 members will be selected. To participate in the Uncrowned Tournament, the participant must be an Underlord and the age limit is 35 years. Since there are only a few underlords in both the Blackflame Empire and the Seishen kingdom, Charity opens a portal into the Nightwheel Valley, the training grounds of the Akura family, where the aura is much stonger, making it easier to advance for sacred artists. Eithan, Yerin, Lindon, Mercy and Orthos are one of the first to arrive at Nightwheel Valley, but they soon discover they have to fight for their place there.
7 Uncrowned Lindon has been selected for the Uncrowned Tournament, but instead of going as a part of the team from the Blackflame empire, he is selected by Akura Charity to represent the main branch of the Akura family. She sees this as payment from Lindon for killing her promising candidate, Akura Harmony. Eithan, Yerin and Naru Saeya, Emperor Naru Huan's sister, make up the team representing the vassal states of the Akura family and the Blackflame empire.

Lindon is taken to the Akura homeland for training, where he faces extreme hostility from the other Akura underlords fighting for the last position on the Akura team. Mercy's younger brother, Akura Pride hates Lindon more than the others and treats him with contempt and disrespect. Initially, in the first months of training, Lindon is constantly challenged to duals by the other contestants and keeps losing most of the time, thus giving the idea to the others that he is weak. When the final day comes to select the third member of the Akura main team, all the underlords prepare to dual each other. Even though, Lindon is already a part of the team, he insists on fighting all of the underlords head on, at the same time. Lindon has gathered information about each of their techniques and with the help of Dross, he easily defeats all of them and only Akura Pride is left, filling the last spot on the team.

In the tournament itself, Lindon faces off against the most powerful Underlords on Cradle in a series of trials. The first round of the tournament is an individual event where all the participants are required to go through a series of challenges, testing their strength and skill. LIndon finishes 10th and Yerin finishes 11th, ahead of many other participants. Each of the qualified members in the top 64 move on to the next trial. As a reward, they receive a floating palace specially designed for each individual from the Ninecloud Court.

In the second round of the tournament, the contestants are placed on an open island. Golden crowns appear with fixed intervals and the objective is to keep the crown on your head without getting killed. Lindon, Yerin, Mercy and Eithan of the main protagonists succeed while Pride and Naru Saeya sacrifice their spots in the tournament for their team's sake.

8 Wintersteel We are in the final stages of the uncrowned tournament. Yerin defeated Lindon in a thrilling match to take one of the 8 uncrowned spots. Kiuran, a member of The Abidan appears and says that the winner of the tournament will receive 'Penance' a weapon so powerful it could kill a Monarch or a Dread god in one hit, thus raising the stakes of the tournament. Whilst trying to discover his Overlord revelation during his battle with Sopharantoth, Lindon accidentally discoverers a connection to the Void Icon, and advances to Sage. He is given a Wintersteel badge by Eithan, with the same Unsouled symbol carved into it as his first badge.
9 Bloodline Now, the tournament is over, and everything is calming down, but not for Lindon, Yerin, and Eithan. They have decided to go to Sacred Valley and warn Lindon's family that the Wandering Titan is coming to rampage. As they arrive in Sacred Valley, the suppression field that suppresses your advancement to jade affects them all immediately, especially Yerin, with her somewhat unstable Overlord-Herald body. They all push on, but when they split up to try to warn the clans, they all respond negatively. The only clan that cooperates is the Kazan Clan, who follows Zeal. Mercy, Lindon, and Eithan all have to deal with their respective clans with force. In the end, the ones who listen have a chance at surviving, and the others don't as the dreadgod approaches. Meanwhile, Reigan Shen is over in Akura territory in secret. He feeds the Bleeding Phoenix a piece of Subject One's hand and the bird flies away toward Sacred Valley.

While all this is happening, Yerin is with all of the Monarchs making a choice about her gift from the Uncrowned King Tournament, and she ultimately chooses, with much prodding from the Monarchs, to fix her own spirit. After that, Akura Malice goes and faces the Titan, driving it away from Sacred Valley. Then, as the Bleeding Phoenix approaches, Northstrider has to step in and save Lindon, Yerin, Mercy, Eithan, and all the Sacred Valley refugees still in Windfall. In the end, Lindon and his friends face down the Wandering Titan as Akura Malice and Northstrider are drawn away by the Phoenix. Dross sacrifices himself to stop the giant, sending an illusion that all the Monarchs are there in Sacred Valley opposing him. The book ends with Elder Whisper asking Lindon if he wants to know how to kill the Dreadgods.

10 Reaper Now, Lindon and his team are armed with the information that the secret to destroying the Dreadgods lies within the Labyrinth. They make plans to enter it and find it out. Meanwhile, Reigan Shen is already inside the Labyrinth, disabling the suppression field and trying to take control of the Dreadgods. As Lindon and his team prepare to go in, Lindon tries to fix Dross. It works, but now he is a spirit with no emotion whatsoever. After they enter the Labyrinth, they are bombarded with hoards of hunger spirits sent by Subject One. They fight their way through these spirits, dreadbeasts, and the Labyrinth's protections. In the middle, they come face to face with Reigan Shen. If he hadn't been in the suppression field for months, they would've died on the spot, but he was weaker than usual, so they were able to fight to flee, only sustaining a few injuries.

As they regrouped, Lindon figured out how to manipulate hunger madra so that he could make images and memories of the people whose power Subject One had consumed. He figures out which room Akura Malice went in when she explored the Labyrinth, and he helped Mercy advance to Overlord with her revelation being "She is Malice. I am Mercy." After this, they have to make more and more sacrifices as they advance deeper into the Labyrinth. The first two to go are Little Blue and Orthos, the two weakest of them. They are immediately taken 'captive' by Red Moon Hall, who are camping out at the entrance of the Labyrinth. Next, Mercy goes back, and then Yerin. Finally, there are only two of them left. Eithan and Lindon continue on, but get separated as Subject One summons a memory of Ozzriel who fights Eithan and he is forced to go back up with Yerin. Now, Lindon is the only one left, and he continues on until he finds Subject One's throne room. It's a tiny room with a throne on it, and Subject One is splayed out on the chair, a hole in his chest. Reigan Shen has killed him and taken his binding. After this, Lindon summons Subject One's memory and talks to him, and Subject One gives Lindon his blessing. Lindon then takes control of the Labyrinth. He has to pass a few layers of protections. The first, he had to prove that he was hungry to the Labyrinth, which he did with his hunger arm. Then, he had to prove that he was a soulsmith to Ozzriel, which he did by imagining all he had done. Then he had to prove himself to the creators of the Labyrinth. The original court of seven. He did this by bringing out Suriel's marble. Then, the Labyrinth was fully his to control. He ejected Reigan Shen and emerges.

After this, everyone on Cradle feels strange buzzing, and at night, the stars start disappearing. The Mad King has finally come for Cradle. He descends, and prepares to destroy Cradle, but Eithan holds out his black Abidan marble, and breaks it. His power is restored and everyone sees him as he actually is. He is Ozzriel, the Reaper. He drives the Mad King away, and the Abidan come down to take him back for trial. The book ends with Reigan Shen realizing that Eithan was Ozzrial and he realizes that Eithan was Ozzriel and that he's going to die if he doesn't force Eithan's students to ascend.


As an Unsouled, Lindon effectively started two stages behind most Sacred Artists. He was further limited by the natural restrictions and the "curse" of the Sacred Valley and was not able to demonstrate a natural predisposition towards any of the four classes of techniques.

Abilities info ch
Scripts Due to his natural and clan-imposed limitations, Lindon's only avenue of practicing the sacred arts within his clan was through scripts. While not particularly talented, he has shown some versatility in using them and moderate skill in drawing them.
Heart of Twin Stars While at Foundation stage, before cycling elemental vital aura from the world, Lindon split his core. This made it harder for him to gain power, but moved the location of his cores and allowed him to develop two separate paths.
  • Path of Twin Stars: Composed of 'pure' or 'human' madra. Unlike other madra types, pure madra specializes in attacking the soul, but is unable to directly affect the physical world. It is not found in nature outside of humans, who naturally have this madra type until they begin cycling aura from the world to develop a Path.
  • Path of Blackflame: Composed of fire and destruction madra in a 1:1 ratio. Blackflame madra burns away at the mind and body of the user.
Soulsmithing Pure madra gives Lindon solid overall compatibility with most constructs, although with a weaker effect than specialized madra types.
Lil' Blue A Sylvan Riverseed. Originally fed madra and scales by Lindon, her growth is rapidly advanced by Eithan feeding her a drop of soulfire. Her natural purification abilities drain her, but can counteract the corrosive effect of Blackflame madra on the mind, body, and madra channels. Later in Wintersteel, she creates a bond with Lindon as with Orthos which greatly increases her strength and intelligence, as well as allowing Lindon to use the Hollow Domain technique at will.
Orthos Lindon's contract with Orthos allows him to fill one of his cores with Blackflame madra, lessening the his burden. Due to Orthos being a Truegold, this allowed Lindon's Blackflame core to quickly advance from Iron to Jade and later to Lowgold, as if his core was treated with high grade elixirs.
Remnant Arm By activating the hunger binding on the arm, Lindon can draw out madra from the enemy. In a less concentrated form, he can then vent it back at them as a distraction or weak attack. He is later able to use this arm to develop the Consume technique, allowing him to advance by draining his opponents. This arm was made using the ancestors spear, property of Jai long.
Dross The remains of one of Northstrider's attempts in Ghostwater to create mental enhancement tools and mimic the Presences of the Abidan. Originally created as a memory construct, Dross gained sentience and additional abilities through soaking in high grade mental elixirs, consuming dream madra, and fusing with an Eye of the Deep. With the life well's elixir, he developmed madra channels. He temporarily connected with the collective of information at the metal tree in Ghostwater, gathering data from other Eyes of the Deep that had been taken through the world.

After cycling the full stores of Ghostwater to him, Dross can simulate and create a battle plan that ensures the greatest chance of success when in combat against an enemy with well-known, recorded, fully defined capabilities. He also acts as a general mental enhancement, allowing Lindon to better focus on battle by handling his other thoughts. While Soulsmithing, Dross can simulate the effect of madra interactions, allowing Lindon's soulsmithing success rate for straightforward constructs to exceed that of experts like Fisher Gesha. He is basically like an Abidan Presence, but downgraded to Cradle level.

Sacred Art Ranks Advancement through the ranks of the Sacred Arts is a long and arduous process. Traditionally, the higher one's advancement, the harder it becomes to advance. While pre-lord advancements simply require time and resources (a wealthy family can rapidly advance promising artists through these ranks), advancement to Lord and beyond require specific revelations, and subsequent strength of will.


Rank info ch

Lindon was not given the means to advance beyond this level, as the elders of his clan saw his weakness (being an unsouled) as a reason to ignore his advancement.

Copper Lindon advances to Copper by consuming a sacred flower from the Heavens Glory School, which he stole as he fled with Yerin.
Iron Lindon is given a Bloodforged Iron Body by Eithan in the Transcendence Ruins. Catalyzed using the venom and blood from nearly half a dozen sandvipers, Lindon's specialized Iron body enables rapid healing and recovery from poisons and physical damage at an extremely high madra cost.
  • In Uncrowned, this Iron Body is strengthened with an Iron Heart, given to him as a prize by the Arelius family. This allows Lindon to heal extremely quickly, giving him much improved endurance. It can only be properly sustained because of his vast madra reserves.
book Soulsmith


Jade Lindon advances to Jade by forming a contract with the sacred beast Orthos, who is one of the last Blackflame practitioners. This is where Lindon adopts the Path of the Blackflame.
Lowgold Although most Golds require taking in a remnant and advance through better understanding and consuming that remnant's skills, knowledge, and abilities, Lindon advances to Gold through his contract to Orthos. Without bonding to a remnant during his advancement to Gold. Lindon's only Goldsign is red eyes when channeling Blackflame madra. This required further infusion of Blackflame madra from Orthos during his battle with the Sandpipers in Serpents Grave. He naturally raised his pure core to lowgold through cycling Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel. book Blackflame


Highgold He raises both his Blackflame and Pure core after cycling water from the Spirit Well within Ghostwater. book Ghostwater


Truegold Lindon achieves Truegold in his Blackflame core with an infusion of Blackflame madra from Orthos within Ghostwater, prior to his fight with Harmony. In Underlord, he advances to truegold in his pure core, using a construct and some of the spirit well water he had saved.
Underlord Lindon is able to advance to underlord by discovering his underlord revelation; his reason for practicing the sacred arts. Lindon's revelation is that he practices the arts so that he will no longer be useless.
Sage For most of his life, Lindon felt like he was useless. A nobody. He was powerless in the Sacred Valley, he was unable to defeat Jai Long in their duel, he watched powerless as Malice battled the Bleeding Phoenix. Beyond this, his very path embodies destruction, consumption, and emptiness. Whilst trying to discover his Overlord revelation during his battle with Sopharantoth, Lindon touches upon his Icon. As a result of his extensive willpower training through his Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel, he is able to properly manifest the Icon; the Void Icon. The Icon of Emptiness. The Unsouled Icon. Lindon becomes the first Underlord Sage seen so far in the books, although Malice suggested that in ancient history, artists used to advance to sage earlier, much like Lindon did. His mentor, Eithan Arelius, creates the Sect of Twin Stars, management and recruitment by Jai Chen and Wei Shi Kelsa. Lindon is the sect leader, despite his hesitation.
Sect of Twin Stars (Reaper)


Techniques info ch
  • Heart of Twin Stars: A soul enforcing technique originally meant to prepare a users core to be split. Lindon later refines this technique to allow him to master the Consumption Technique.
  • Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel: This cycling technique is extraordinarily demanding, focusing on both deepening a users core, allowing them to hold more madra, and strengthening their will. Eithan teaches Lindon this technique to compensate for his smaller cores (a result of him splitting his core in Unsouled), and to allow him to follow a pure madra path; he cannot cycle pure aura from the environment, as it does not exist.
Striker Techniques
  • Empty Palm: A pure Madra Striker technique that focuses pure madra it into a simple palm thrust. When making contact with the core of an enemy, it disrupts his or her madra. This leaves the enemy powerless for a few seconds, unable to muster the energy to control any techniques or even their own limbs. When sufficiently powerful, it can destroy the core of an enemy, preventing them from even leaving a remnant.
    • After instruction from Herald Akura Fury, Lindon has upgraded this technique by adding an enforcement and forger technique to its original striker base. He no longer needs to hit an opponent's core to disable their madra. His attack now comes with a larger echo that manifests a giant blue palm that overtakes their entire madra core and channels at the same time, rendering them powerless.
  • Dragon Breath: The Dragon Destroys. The Fierce River of Fierce Flowing Breath technique is a Striker Technique. Blackflame madra is gathered in the hands, rotated, and condensed repeatedly until being released as a solid beam that eradicates everything in its path.

Enforcer Techniques
  • Soul Cloak: An Enforcer technique utilizing Lindon's pure madra core. It allows Lindon extreme agility and dexterity, allowing him to move with grace and strength.
  • Hollow Armor: A Pure Madra Enforcer technique copied from Eithan by Lindon. He blasts pure madra from all over his body covering him in an inch of spiritual armor. Whilst this is not as a effective movement technique, it protects him from madra attacks, but against physical attacks or Ruler techniques, which control vital aura. This armour becomes stronger the more the user advances, with its full strength being revealed once the user has advanced to Archlord.
  • Burning Cloak: The Dragon Advances. The Fierce Outer Burning Robe technique is an Enforcer technique. It is a basic full-body Enforcement using Blackflame Madra, protecting and powering the body by madra while in use. It allows for the release of explosive force of movement. This explosive strength is so extreme it takes a physical tole on the users body. Lindon is only able to sustain its use through his Bloodforged Iron body, which uses his madra to heal the damage.

Ruler Techniques Void Dragon's Dance: The Dragon Conquers. In one moment, the flames devour everything on the battlefield, leaving only smoke and dust. Like many Ruler techniques, it is capable of great destruction, but requires appropriate vital aura in the environment, and time to build and concentrate on the vital aura to take control.
Forger Techniques
  • The Dragon Descends: Lindon's ultimate destructive ability. All his techniques from the Blackflame Path Forged on his hand. He forges claws of Blackflame madra on his hand like a glove with a miniature Void Dragon's Dance swirling around it, Dragon's Breath filling it like blood and a Burning Cloak surrounding it all. Takes all his spirit and a significant amount of his soulfire to bring it to life.

Unassigned Techniques
  • Hollow Domain: A pure madra technique developed in Wintersteel. By forming a contract with the spirit Little Blue Lindon's pure core takes on some of the characteristics of her madra. This allows him to create a sphere of pure madra that weakens or wipes out any techniques that enters. This technique makes Lindon's eyes glow a sapphire-blue. It is not specified what kind of technique it is.
  • Consume Technique: A hunger madra soul enforcer technique taught to Lindon by Northstrider that greatly increases the speed of his advancement. With this technique advancement resources are no longer required, only enemies. Lindon can consume everything (sacred artist, sacred beast etc) to fuel his own advancement. He can absorb their madra, distilling it into its primary components, purifying it to add to his pure core (which can't take in aura), their lifeforce and blood essence to strengthen his body and the dream aura generated by their minds to strengthen Dross. The last piece includes their thoughts, memories and will. It requires Lindon to subdue their will with his own while Dross takes in their memories and only provides Lindon the information that Lindon deems relevant. Dross states that in order to use this technique, one would need:
    • A soul enforcer technique to sort the madra (Lindon developed this from the Heart of Twin Stars)
    • An advanced Sylvan Riverseed to purify the madra (Lindon formed a contract with Little Blue, his Sylvan Riverseed, allowing him to purify the madra himself)
    • A mind spirit without peer to sort the residual memories (Dross)
    • Iron Body strong enough to handle an influx of blood essence without tearing apart (Bloodforged Iron Body, along with his Iron Heart Sacred Treasure)
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