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Cloud Fortress, Defined

A “cloud fortress” was just a type of cloudship designed for permanence rather than mobility. The Skysworn city of Stormrock was technically a cloud fortress, though on a much larger scale. Lindon thought of them as flying islands more than cloudships. Though he had spent quite a bit of time negotiating extra speed for his. (Bloodline ch 4)

Tournament Prize

Lindon and Yerin each win a large cloud fortress as a prize for the Uncrowned King Tournament. Lindon asks the Ninecloud Soul to combine their square footage into one bigger ship.

“As your reward for successfully passing the first round, our team of artisan Soulsmiths and architects will design for you a floating fortress according to your preferences.” The castle shifted into a more luxurious housing compound surrounding a courtyard, filled with trees and a shining pool. “We can tailor the facilities to your style and needs, and even your Path.” Now the house became a network of rocky hills and caves, with vents in the ground spewing jets of fire into the sky. Lindon could practically feel the aura of fire and destruction even from the illusion. He and Dross stared speechlessly at the image. (Uncrowned ch 11)

Windfall Features

Security: Windfall came with security scripts to protect the ship, and Lindon requested even more scripts to the original design.

Wards over the entire fortress made entering via spatial travel. . . not impossible, but more difficult. Lindon had requested that security measure to stop Sages from popping in unannounced. (Bloodline, ch 1)

Windfall includes a fortress, a house-sized artificial volcano spewing Blackflame aura, a cave brimming with sharp blades and sword aura, a sylvan glade (a pure crystalline pool and greenery) seeded with nature spirits where Little Blue likes to play, some purple orus fruit trees, and eventually Lindon adds a soulsmith foundry. (Bloodline ch 4)

Adjacent Ships

Windfall flies in tandem / connected with Ziel's basic utilitarian cloud fortress, to which Ziel added extra security scripts.

Windfall also flies with Eithan's ship. However, Eithan created a flying farm. He requested a variety of crops from the Ninecloud Soul. Eithan's tournament prize cloud fortress is separate from Windfall but can fly adjacent. His ship has a small cabin and various sacred crops:

The Nimblethorn root was typically used as a medicinal herb to separate types of madra before spiritual surgery. It wasn’t common, but it wasn’t incredibly valuable. .. A men’hla tree was especially valuable to Soulsmiths, as each of its leaves actually produced a separate Remnant. For many projects, one men’hla tree could be an endless source of dead matter. ...“Hammershell fruit,” he recited. A prime source of force aura. “A hive of ivory bees. Cloudbell bush. A spring of Whispering Water. Starlotus pond.” His list contained nothing that the Ninecloud Court would balk at or flag as unusual. Some were more useful to Soulsmiths, others to refiners, and he mixed in some decoys with the ones he really needed. (Uncrowned ch 12)