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Xorrus is a gold dragon at Herald rank. She serves the dragon-boy Monarch Seshethkunaaz. She is a grandmother to Sopharanatoth and Ekerinatoth.


Xorrus is a sacred beast, an ancient gold dragon at the level of Herald. She is the left hand of the Dragon Monarch Seshethkunaaz. She is the grandmother of Sopharanatoth and her sister, Ekerinatoth.

She is called Desert-bringer, the Breath of Destruction, the Eternal Sandstorm

She was one of the Heralds who formed the original pact of Ghostwater.


“Gold dragons have a natural affinity for fire and water aura” (Uncrowned, ch 3) but Xorrus seems to be on a Path similar to Seshethkunaaz, The Path of the Wasteland

Book Bios

Mainly, Xorrus plays a role in Books 7 and 8, Uncrowned and Wintersteel. She is neck-deep in evil plots before, during, and immediately after the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament / UKT.

She orchestrated several ambushes on the cloudships conveying Akura teams to the UKT. under her direction, numerous students from Min Shuei’s Frozen Blade School were injured or worse. (Uncrowned, ch 8?)

She did her best to help Sopharanatoth win the tournament and the weapon Penance. However, Yerin Arelius defeated Sophara (Wintersteel, ch 26)

Later, she attacked clan Akura at Sky’s Edge. Her final battle was against Akura Fury (Wintersteel, ch 26-27)

Dragon Form:

Xorrus is a dragon, golden and serpentine, with a cloud of sand rolling around her like smoke. Her wings are each big enough to strike cloudships from the air. She has gleaming fangs, golden dragon eyes with vertically slitted pupils.

Human Form:

Gold dragons who practice the sacred arts are called Sacred Beasts, and if they advance far enough, they can change their animal shape, even take on human shape. Xorrus, in human form, has a perfect human body. Her golden hair shimmered like the sun, and her limbs were in flawless proportion. Even her eyes were human circles instead of draconic slits.


Xorrus is devoted to her Dragon Monarch like most of the Dragons in books. She is close to her granddaughter Sopharanatoth and was present with her during Overlord advancement to help with any accidents.

Sophara notes that if Xorrus had a flaw, it was that she cared too deeply about her family.


Dragons have been enemies of the Akura Family for centuries, constantly vying for control of the entire Ashwind continent. Dragons have the eastern half of the landmass and Akura has the western half, roughly split. Dragons have always been extremely hostile toward the Akura family. Xorrus the Dragon Herald is the mortal enemy of Akura Fury. Clashes of these two Heralds have leveled entire cities and battlefields before.

Dragons also hate the Monarch Northstrider, who hunts their species.

Another enemy is The Beast King